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A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology - DAMN° Magazine

A Matter of Perception: Tradition & Technology

More than just 32,000 times grazie mille

Anything Goes - DAMN° Magazine

Anything Goes

The assorted interests of Eugeni Quitllet

Icelandic Lessons: Industrial Landscape - DAMN° Magazine

Icelandic Lessons: Industrial Landscape

new book about Teaching and Research in Architecture by École Polytechnique Fédéral de Lausanne

Tom Dixon about Industrial Landscape - DAMN° Magazine

Tom Dixon about Industrial Landscape

Interview on the occasion of the lauch of ege's brand new carpet collection, in Tom Dixon's restaurant The Dock Kitchen in London.

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Six gutsy architects revisited

Jean Prouvé’s Tropical Habitation for Cameroon Prototype - DAMN° Magazine

Jean Prouvé’s Tropical Habitation for Cameroon Prototype

Exhibition, La Friche de l’Escalette, Marseille, France, until September 30th.

“Architects don’t have to be local to think local” - DAMN° Magazine

“Architects don’t have to be local to think local”

Rwandan architect Christian Benimana believes that the built environment should catalyse positive systemic change.

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Transplantation - DAMN° Magazine


A chunk of Detroit in Europe

Richard Learoyd: Dark Mirror - DAMN° Magazine

Richard Learoyd: Dark Mirror

 Victoria and Albert Museum, London, until 14 February 2016.



How a performance artist makes us stop and think about female sexuality

ISSUE #57 / Articles

Too Much Past / Not Enough Future #57

A view on the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale

This assessment by Pedro Gadanho of one of Architecture’s prime international events provides an astute, insightful review of the offerings on show, suitably accompanied by an articulate critique. It is concluded that the presentations fail to reveal the advances the profession has achieved and therefore leaves the visitor in the dark as to what is round the corner. The lack of ‘vanguard’ projects is prevalent, obscuring the adventurous developments that are indeed underway. Thankfully, there are a few exceptional works on display that contain vision and intelligence, thus generating the kind of excitement the writer dares to demand.

Design Flâneurs #57

Studio Swine favours a stroll

Increasingly, it would appear, companies are working with designers to make PR rather than to make a mass-produced product. Which is where film comes in. According to Studio Swine, this is a really exciting area of design at the moment. High-quality films can be created with very little money, and social media takes care of the distribution. This has opened up a whole world to designers, and the way that design-film can be used to engage with people. The studio creates movies to accompany many of its design projects, working with filmmakers to produce short documentaries that explore the sourcing of unusual materials and experiments with manufacturing techniques.

At Home in Germany? #57

The bittersweet immigration issue

The German Pavilion at the 15th International Architecture Exhibition in Venice addresses the role of architecture in direct relation to the integration of immigrants. It does so not by indicating a formula for this challenge but through creating an audacious political signal, in the hope of generating a long-overdue discussion. Sandra Hofmeister relays her observations on her home country’s contribution to the Biennale, entwined with an assembly of European perspectives that have emerged since the marked move by Germany last year to open its borders to immigrants.

An Eye for the Big Apple #57

John Chiara’s captivating vistas

John Chiara is devoted to the contact print, for this is is the only way he can evoke the expression he is after. Having realised early on that too much information was lost in the darkroom enlargement process when using standard size negatives, he set about developing his own equipment and processes. The resulting large format box cameras he has created enable him to produce the images he wants, if even the unwieldiness of the equipment means it needs hauling round on a flatbed trailer. Chiara’s working method consists of physically entering the camera, instinctively manoeuvring the photographic paper, and using his hands to burn and dodge the image to his liking.

The Chairman’s Chairs #57

Rolf Fehlbaum's furniture wonderland

To still be capable of discovering different attributes of individual objects after spending a lifetime collecting them and viewing them repeatedly – how many collectors can honestly say this? To be able to recognise the qualities in something that may not be to your particular taste and to include it in your collection, this is also unusual. For Rolf Fehlbaum, these are inherent skills that apart from having made him a connoisseur of design have brought him much personal joy. This practice has never become perfunctory or wearied him, and what’s more, each piece affects him afresh every time he sees it.


Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.26.56

design editor Petite Friture presents its novelties

Petite Friture is a design manufacturer established in 2009, producing objects that create a spark, designed by emerging talents, and operates at the crossroads of different networks : designers, manufacturers and design […]

Tartan - DAMN° Magazine


For their latest Foscarini creation, Italian design couple Roberto and Ludovica Palomba were inspired by the idea of visualizing sound waves, transferring the ripple effect onto beautiful blown glass. The […]

Cradle - DAMN° Magazine


The 3 piece collection, created in collaboration with Moroso, involved designing a textile over the past two years and is inspired by the technology and approach found in high performance […]

Home Working: INK and SECRETELLO - DAMN° Magazine

Home Working: INK and SECRETELLO

Workplaces are constantly changing and expanding into increasingly vast and unexplored areas. It’s enough to have a laptop, a tablet or even just a smartphone to be connected everywhere and […]

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