ISSUE #56 / Articles

Oceanwide Cleanup #56

An offshore gigantic plastic chase

About 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean every year. At least 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic are currently floating in the oceans, a third of which are concentrated in the infamous Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Milano Alight #56

On the Scene at the Salone

With such a slew of products and events filling the environment and such a sense of design mania penetrating the atmosphere, we donned our funkiest, most robust gear and set about discovering some worthy finds to tell you about.

The Bold and the Brutalist #56

Juliaan Lampens’ cunning architecture

Some architects gain rapid international acclaim, while others are only acknowledged much later in their careers. One such example is Belgian architect Juliaan Lampens, who set up his practice in 1950 in Eke, near Ghent, working somewhat begrudgingly within the constraints imposed by the local tastes of the time. Then, in 1960 he built his own house in a profoundly modern style, which served as a beacon, luring enlightened clients to commission other residences. These minimalist, bunker-like structures were something new in Belgium. Certainly, the undercurrent of influence the architect inspired has now led to his work being rediscovered.

Conceptual Carpenter #56

Leon Vranken’s pristine practice

Leon Vranken mainly works with three-dimensional elements and geometric forms, but his work cannot fully be described as sculpture. What becomes apparent is a strong sense of composition and a materiality taken to the limits of craftsmanship, gravity, or illusion. Precision in the use of materials, clarity of form, and elegance of finish are characteristics that resound in the artist’s practice. Another distinguishing aspect of his work is that it appears minimal and conceptual in nature, whereas the process behind it is quite labour intensive. In a constructivist manner, he builds up the layers and components, a process overtly contrary to the crisply defined appearance of the finished work.

In Praise of the Forest #56

Sou Fujimoto, a man on a mission

To say that Sou Fujimoto is a lover of the forest is not quite saying enough, yet is kind of saying everything. Providing his deepest level of inspiration, the forest features in all of his work in one manner or another, and often rather literally. An architect whose recognition has come early in his career, Fujimoto is busy making his mark internationally with contemporary buildings of a certain contrariness in cities whose contexts are generally historic. Could it be that humanity’s intrinsic yearning for nature has recognised a deep-seated yearning for an aspect of its evocation in the manmade structures we occupy?



Water Design

In October 2015 at the Sforzesco Castle in Milan, the fifth edition of the Water Design festival took place. The event, created by Mosca Partners, moved from Bologna to Milan […]

Carry-On folio sleeve for the 12” Macbook - DAMN° Magazine

Carry-On folio sleeve for the 12” Macbook

Designed by Remy Nagelmaeker, the leather folio is formed according to Mujjo’s signature aesthetics and designed specifically with easy light travel, portability and comfort in mind. The new leather folio […]


Gabriele Salvatori

Natural stone is at the core of the new collections launched by Salvatori at the 2016 Salone. The presentation provided a very diverse take on the raw material that generates […]

VIA57TM - DAMN° Magazine


The partnership in Danish design between Republic of Fritz Hansen, the Danish architect Bjarke Ingels and the Danish design group KiBiSi, now launches the VIA57TM chair. The collaboration celebrates the […]