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Passion knows no borders: the Gaggenau Sommelier Awards 2016

German manufacturer of high-quality professional-grade domestic appliances, Gaggenau, having celebrated its 333rd birthday this year, has just held the second edition of its highly acclaimed Sommelier Awards, this time in […]

where a game and home décor meet

LOGIFACES is at once an analogue game for digital minds and a fine piece of home décor. Comprised of elegant hand-poured concrete prisms, each with differently angled top surfaces, LOGIFACES […]

The Boring Collection Set#1 by Lensvelt 

“The Boring Collection arose from frustration”, says Hans Lensvelt, who took over the family business from his parents in 1990 and who has been enjoying “developing new products that are […]

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At The Edge Of Education #59

A new school for refugee children in Lebanon

The construction site of a school for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon was visited by the writer, who ventured somewhat timidly to the Bekaa Valley to find out what the project is all about. London-based Catalytic Action, a not-for-profit design studio known for intervening in projects that catalyse change in society, is carrying out the work along with the generous help and support of many others. This new school not only uses recovered materials and implements clever building techniques, it intends to provide an attractive environment for learning and, moreover, to create a model for future humanitarian aims internationally.

Detroit, Mon Amour #59

A city dead & alive

The city of Detroit is thriving in a wonderfully peculiar way. Not in our present era has a major industrial powerhouse crashed quite so hard and as thoroughly as has Detroit. And yet the resulting gruelling circumstances have given rise to a fascinating array of ingenious projects and collective efforts that have not only breathed life back into the place, but are in the process of making it exemplary. Here we cite artists who, with heart and soul, express the riches that are present in the details. Through photography, installation, and performance, Corine Vermeulen and Anders Ruhwald tap the city’s blooming, characterful culture.

A Bird’s Eye View on Form #59

The Lisbon Architecture Triennale at the new MAAT museum and elsewhere in the city, until 11 December 2016.

This year’s edition of the Triennale is an adventurous departure from previous years, and indeed from other such events of this ilk. Having initiated the Lisbon Architecture Triennale, José Mateus is in a good position to compare and contrast the details and to summarise the message conveyed. Perhaps the best thing about The Form of Form is that it actually addresses architecture itself and the challenges the profession is up against today, not least due to the superficiality that abounds in our contemporary world, and to the ever-prevalent issues of gentrification and authenticity in the urban context.

Republic of Fritz Hansen: Timeless design #59

Republic of Fritz Hansen, crafter of timeless design
At it since 1872, Republic of Fritz Hansen had already managed to accrue a long list of prestigious orders in its first 50 years of existence, demonstrating a strong reputation right from the start and one which has not let up since then. With a design philosophy that continuously seeks originality, purity, and long life in its products, Republic of Fritz Hansen is a remarkably emotional brand that re- mains genuine, serene, and very Danish. With characteristics that include superior quality, refinement, and beauty with age, this is furniture with eminent appeal. DAMN° spoke with the man in charge.

BMW: Tomorrow’s Easy Riders #59

BMW shifts into another gear
BMW is 100 years old! Crowning the celebrations is a voluptuous new motorbike, rather unlike any model hitherto. Not only does it have the smarts to foresee and avoid hazardous situations but it also knows how to remain upright. An infinitely intelligent visor and sensorial riding suit complete the picture.


Christoph Niemann - DAMN° Magazine

Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann’s greatest skill is to extract the unfamiliar from the familiar and discover totally new things in everyday life. At Lamy, he studied the activity of writing itself and […]

Thinking Tools – Design As Process - DAMN° Magazine

Thinking Tools – Design As Process

Lamy has been operational for a full 50 years. The company has therefore deemed it the time right for bringing out a new version of its of its trademark writing […]

KUKKA - DAMN° Magazine


Founded by designer Rona Meyuchas-Koblenz, Kukka offers a comprehensive range of furniture and home accessories for the contemporary home-work environment. Collections range from Kukka’s inhouse-designed table lighting and stationery, to […]

Bernhardt Design - DAMN° Magazine

Bernhardt Design

The Hug desk by Hines Fischer for Bernhardt Design takes the edge off monotonous office environments. With its precise geometric form and curved silhouette, Hug combines simple elements, offering a […]

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