Building with TextilesBuilding with Textiles

22 November 2014

Building with Textiles

Exhibition, TextielMuseum, Tilburg, Netherlands, until 25 January 2015.

One section of the exhibition presents a historical overview of the type of tent-like structures that provided shelter for early nomadic tribes. A life-sized Mongolian yurt forms the heart of this, in addition to photos and films of various types of tents and their construction. In the 20th century, visionary engineers and architects such as Richard Buckminster Fuller, Frei Otto, and Haus Rucker & Co put lightweight constructions back on the architectural agenda. Featured are highlights of their work in a series of images. Also presented are five visionary projects by international architects that reveal the great potential of textile materials and techniquesin building.

Building with Textiles: Prada Transformer in Seoul, South Korea, by OMA (Netherlands), 2008; steel, polyvinyl chloride; sprayed textile on steel frame; photo: OMA.

What Would Mrs. Webb Do? A Founder's VisionWhat Would Mrs. Webb Do? A Founder's Vision

22 November 2014

What Would Mrs. Webb Do? A Founder's Vision

Exhibition, MAD, New York, USA, until 8 February 2015.

Celebrating the enduring legacy of its founder Aileen Osborn Webb, this exhibition highlights Webb's advocacy and dedication to skilled makers across America. As a patron and philanthropist, Webb pioneered an understanding of craftsmanship and the handmade as a creative driving force behind art and design. The first half of the exhibition features work by American makers from the 1950s to the late 1960s whose practice directly benefitted from the support of Webb and others who shared her vision, while the second half features the stakeholders and supporters who carry Mrs. Webb’s vision forward to the present day.

What Would Mrs. Webb Do?

Nacho CarbonellNacho Carbonell

21 November 2014

Nacho Carbonell

Exhibition, Groninger Museum, Groningen, the Netherlands, until 22 March 2015.

Hybrid objects that lie somewhere between art and design are characteristic of Nacho Carbonell’s conceptual oeuvre. The work and working method of the Spanish artist\designer based in Eindhoven can be regarded as a kind of playful yet critical investigation into the reciprocal relationship that people have with objects and the (symbolic) significance they attach to them. Carbonell’s very outspoken and recognizable form language is typified by striking material choices and ongoing experiment. Themes such as ‘inspiration’, ‘evolution’ and ‘transience&..

Evolution Series 2011 by Nacho Carbonell, Collection of the Groninger Museum, Nacho Carbonell, image by Marten De Leeuw.

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Dining RoomDining Room

21 November 2014

Dining Room

Exhibitition, Carpenters Workshop Gallery & Steinitz Gallery, London, UK, until 19 December

After the buzz around the Parisian dandy’s abode, the galleries created at Design Days Dubai 2014 and their much talked about collaboration at Design Miami/ Basel 2013, Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Steinitz Gallery decided to come together again and recreate this ambience in the form of a veritable feast of gastronomy and beauty. The scenography of a luxurious dining room hosts selected guests, including artists, collectors, and friends of the two galleries. Each evening is an exquisite and exclusive dining experience. The room displays works by Maarten Baas, Vincent Dubourg, Frederik Molenschot, and Rick Owens, plus spray paintings by David Smith.

100 Best Posters100 Best Posters

21 November 2014

100 Best Posters

Exhibition, MAK, Vienna, Austria, until 26 April 2015.

Up-to-the-minute graphic design is placed at the centre of attention here. Media theory pioneer Marshall McLuhan, in his 1967 book The Medium is the Massage, described various forms of communication and the levels of perception on which they ‘massage’ – and thus alter – the human sensorium. This year’s submissions overwhelmingly feature typography- based strategies that probe the range of possibilities between economy and excess in poster lettering. Works by emerging designers take their place alongside those of established figures in a refreshing combination, demonstrating how, as jury member Holger Matthies puts it, posters “function as an irreplaceable category of urban furniture”.

100 Best Posters: Sport – Kultur, Arbeit, Ästhetik [Sports – Culture, Labour, Aesthetics], by golde graphic design: Andreas Golde in collaboration with Bernhard Uske; client: Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen

StereoType: New directions in typographyStereoType: New directions in typography

20 November 2014

StereoType: New directions in typography

Exhibition, Boston Society of Architects / AIA, Boston, USA, until 25 May 2015

This groundbreaking exhibition presents works by an array of 14 established and up-and-coming designers from the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, France, the United States, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, and Australia. By exploring the opportunities at the intersection of technology and design, this new breed of artists is expanding the boundaries of traditional typography and integrating elements from the fields of animation, craft, performance, nanoscience, and graffiti into their work. It heralds a departure from conventional typographical approaches that are focused on two-dimensional letters, by incorporating the elements of time, movement, and the third dimension.

Is it still Type? Jerome Corgier.

Markus SchinwaldMarkus Schinwald

20 November 2014

Markus Schinwald

Exhibition, M Museum, Leuven, Belgium 8 February 2015.

Created in the museum is a theatrical setting with moving artworks and characters. Comprising of hundreds of colourful fish, mechanical dolls presented in a diorama, furniture reminiscent of body parts, various films, and a mobile wall covered with paintings, the artist aptly demonstrates his versatility. In each of the consecutive rooms, a different facet of his recent oeuvre is revealed. Always selecting the medium based on his ideas or on the intensity he wants the artwork to exude, sometimes the works are paintings or sculptures, at other times they might be films or performances. F..

Markus Schinwald: Installation view at M Museum

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Vibrations off the Format / Honoré ∂’O displays and invitesVibrations off the Format / Honoré ∂’O displays and invites

19 November 2014

Vibrations off the Format / Honoré ∂’O displays and invites

Exhibition, Kristof De Clercq Gallery, Gent, Belgium, until 21 december.

For his solo exhibition ‘VIBRATIONS OFf’, Honoré d’O invited the Viennese artist ManfreDu Schu to create an exhibition stemming from a symbiotic relationship. The idea arose to work with congenial artists, students, thinkers, curators, poets, museum directors, the audience,… from Belgium as well as Austria. During the the exhibition, one continuous plastic, visual activity will evolve in a chain reaction of cross-fertilisation. As such, the gallery and the exhibition will merge with the artists and the audience to become a living and organic happening in ..

©Honoré d'O.

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BIO 50: 24th Biennial of DesignBIO 50: 24th Biennial of Design

19 November 2014

BIO 50: 24th Biennial of Design

Design Biennial, Multiple venues, Ljubljana, Slovenia, until 7 December.

By utilising the trivial and the real, BIO 50 criticises the outstanding and the elite. At the same time, this is an attempt to look for and find the outstanding within the routine of everyday life. Its framework is collaboration. Engaging designers and multidisciplinary agents from Slovenia and abroad, BIO 50 comprises of 11 teams working on a wide and comprehensive range of topics that resonate with local and global demands. Team mentors guide participants in the creation of one or more projects to be developed and implemented during the Biennial, creating bases for resilient structures t..

MAO | Muzej. Engine Blocks, motorbike with multipurpose engine, Photo Engine Blocks group.

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Time to UnravelTime to Unravel

19 November 2014

Time to Unravel

Upcoming exhibition, Z33 Hasselt, Belgium, 23 November – 1 March 2015.

For the 19th time, Culture Platform Design offers promising designers the opportunity to further develop themselves through free work. After an open call, four new graduates have been selected to present their universe by way of an exhibition at Z33: Franky Larousselle (Hasselt University, architecture), Judith Mertens (Sint Lucas Antwerp, illustrative design), Guillaume Neu-rinaudo (Design Academy Eindhoven, social design), and Carla Swerts (MAD-faculty, illustrative design). From the open call applications, Cultuurplatform Design also selected Rachelle Dufour (MAD-faculty, graphic design) as the graphic designer for all the 19 Time to Unravel communications, and Jolien Fagard (Hasselt University, interior design) is in charge of the exhibition’s scenography.

Vincent DubourgVincent Dubourg

18 November 2014

Vincent Dubourg

Exhibition, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris, France, until 20 December.

In the wonderful and preserved surroundings of La Creuse, Vincent Dubourg chose a land of freedom. Far away from the pressure of space and time, he conceived and opened a workshop, where he developed a personal practice that restores the dialogue between sculpture and design. Nature inspires him; he tries to seize the energy through a sophisticated composition of the whole. He metamorphoses most familiar items into artworks, giving them an immaterial dimension, an added soul. The reconstruction of his workshop allows us to discover the melting pot where the artist’s creative fire is d..

Vincent Dubourg in his studio.

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18 November 2014


Design Biennial, Galata Greek Primary School, Istanbul, Turkey, until 14 December 2014.

With the aim of underlining the importance of design for production, economy, cultural interaction, and quality of life, the Istanbul Design Biennial involves all disciplines of the creative industries, as well as their subfields. The biennial aims to explore the products, creative ideas, and discourses of the relevant fields and to generate interactive relationships within society. Turkey's growing role as an economic, political, and cultural centre has highlighted the importance of innovation and design and encouraged the development of creative industries, particularly in the multicultural metropolis of Istanbul. One of the biennial’s primary objectives is to celebrate this creative potential and share it with the international audience, believing that this will enrich the global design culture.

2nd Istanbul Design Biennial: The Future is Not What It Used To Be (Or?), Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts

Design Column #9 ConflictedDesign Column #9 Conflicted

17 November 2014

Design Column #9 Conflicted

Exhibition, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands, until 25 January 2015.

Conflicted shows work by designers who, despite our innermost and worldwide uncertainties, strengthen their grip on things. Their designs ward off the conflict, putting things into perspective with the aid of humour and beauty. There are countless crises all over the world, and never since World War II have there been so many refugees. Alongside the many geo-political tensions, the financial system is in need of reform, humans are systematically plundering the planet, and pandemics are a growing threat. The intangibility and complexity of our problems creates fear and a tremendous sense of ..

Design Column #9 / Conflicted: 'cat fight', from the 'pussy cat' collection of lamps, by Studio Job.

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A Way of Life: Swedish Photography from Christer StrömholmA Way of Life: Swedish Photography from Christer Strömholm

17 November 2014

A Way of Life: Swedish Photography from Christer Strömholm

Exhibition, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden, until 15 February 2015

The exhibition features images by Christer Strömholm and his circle, highlighting a group of photographers who have taken documentary photography in a more personal and artistic direction. Explored are the private, intimate, inquisitive, and subjective tendencies in Swedish photography, with a few international examples, which span from the 1940s, across the 1980s, and into the 21st century. More than 300 pictures by 29 photographers can be seen here, including Kenneth Gustavsson, Walter Hirsch, Eva Klasson, Tuija Lindström, and Anders Petersen. The younger generation is also represented through various projects by photographers who have pursued the subjective movement in various ways and on different terms.

A Way of Life: Untitled, from the series Holding, 2006, © Anna Clarén.

Carsten Höller: LEBENCarsten Höller: LEBEN

17 November 2014

Carsten Höller: LEBEN

Exhibition, TBA21–Augarten & Upper Belvedere, Vienna, until 4 January 2015.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary (TBA21-Augarten) in cooperation with the Belvedere, Vienna, presents LEBEN, an exhibition of the Belgian-German artist Carsten Höller. LEBEN pivots around a selection of works, drawn from TBA21’s collection of contemporary art and others commissioned and conceived especially for the exhibition. With the exhibition LEBEN, TBA21–Augarten and the surrounding natural setting turn into a place for experimentation with life itself, with the essentials of singular life, as well as a field of collective action and shared responsibility. The e..

Carsten Höller, Y, 2003.

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PCFS, Post Colonial Flagship StorePCFS, Post Colonial Flagship Store

16 November 2014

PCFS, Post Colonial Flagship Store

Exhibition, quartier21, Vienna, Austria, until 23 November.

This exhibition project showcases artworks camouflaged as consumer goods, and engages with a new, surreptitious form of colonialism. The Flagship Store is the colonial store of a hundred years ago, offering a ‘cleaner’ consumer world, albeit one frequently based on the exploitation of low-wage countries. European and international artists reference the colonial background of their respective countries and its impact on contemporary life. Dependence, opportunities, hopes, and issues of identity are addressed, as are global investment strategies and the migration of labour. The works are presented as commercial products, or as ‘service agencies’ in a shopping mall, the modern manifestation of the general store.

Grafik-Design: Milchhof / Michael Rudolph.

Conflict, Time, PhotographyConflict, Time, Photography

16 November 2014

Conflict, Time, Photography

Upcoming exhibition, Tate Modern, London, UK 16 November 2014 - 15 March 2015.

Conflict, Time, Photography brings together photographers who have looked back at moments of conflict, from the seconds after a bomb is detonated to 100 years after a war has ended. Staged to coincide with the centenary of the First World War, this major group exhibition offers an alternative to familiar notions of war reportage and photojournalism, instead focusing on the passing of time and the unique ways that artists have used the camera to reflect on past events.

Twinkling Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle PathTwinkling Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path

15 November 2014

Twinkling Van Gogh-Roosegaarde Bicycle Path

First solar powered glow-in-the-dark bike path in the world, in Nuenen, the Netherlands.

Studio Roosegaarde just unveiled its innovative illuminated bike path in Nuenen, a town in the Netherlands where Vincent van Gogh lived and worked (1883-1885). Inspired by the famous Dutch painter's ‘Starry Night’, artist Daan Roosegaarde created the 1-kilometer-long Van Gogh-Roosegaarde bicycle path. It’s is made of thousands twinkling stones; it charges at day-time, and glows at night for eight hours. After this first road in Nuenen, Studio Roosegaarde and its partner in crime Heijmans Infrastructure will launch their solar powered glow-in-the-dark bike path inte..

All picutres: Studio Roosegaarde.

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Marga Weimans: Fashion HouseMarga Weimans: Fashion House

15 November 2014

Marga Weimans: Fashion House

Exhibiton,Groninger Museum, Groningen, Netherlands, until 23 November.

As the first Dutch artist to do so, Marga Weimans graduated from the prestigious fashion course at the Royal Academy in Antwerp in 2005. She attracted a great deal of attention with her graduation collection, also winning the i-D Styling Award. Last year she showed her characteristic designs in several museums and on the catwalk at Amsterdam Fashion Week. This solo exhibition displays work from her collections Debut (2006) and Wonderland (2009), among others. Weimans investigates diverse themes that are often related to identity, technology, and beauty, translating these into ingenious, extraordinary outfits combining pure handcraft and high-tech. Characteristic features are richly contrasting graphic patterns that refer to her Surinamese background.

Marga Weimans, Wonderland.

How Can We Tell the Dancers from the DanceHow Can We Tell the Dancers from the Dance

15 November 2014

How Can We Tell the Dancers from the Dance

Exhibition, Schinkel Pavillon, Berlin, Germany, 15 November - 21 December.

Schinkel Pavillon presents the exhibition How Can We Tell the Dancers from the Dance by French artist Philippe Parreno.The floor seems to reverberate with the weight of the phantasmagoric performers yet it remains static and motionless. Around the dance floor a wall is continuously turning. Throughout his practice, Parreno has fundamentally redefined the exhibition experience by exploring its possibilities as a coherent 'object' and a medium in its own right rather than as a collection of individual works. To this end, he conceives his shows as a scripted space where a series of eve..

Philippe Parreno, How Can We Tell The Dancers From The Dance, 2013, Courtesy: The artist and Esther Schipper, Berlin, Photo: © Andrea Rossetti

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