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Unlimited at Art Basel - DAMN° Magazine

Unlimited at Art Basel

Impressions of this year’s Art Basel in Switzerland

The Dirty Art Department presents ‘The Wandering School’ - DAMN° Magazine

The Dirty Art Department presents ‘The Wandering School’

April 1 - 17 at Macao, Viale Molise 68, Milan.



“Aventura” will be on view until 11 June at Galeria Madragoa in Lisbon , and works by Renato Leotta will be presented at LISTE in Basel 14-19 June.

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A place for celebrating the warmth of the Earth

Ventre is at once a site-specific installation and an ancestral social commodity, a piece of land-art and a performance. In order to be created, Ventre requires ritual as well as special craftsmanship. It relates to the community-specific value of feeding and nursing ourselves, and the environment forms an integral part of its appearance.

Clever Kitchenware #58

In this edition of productivity, we have arranged a selection of the latest 2016 novelties in kitchen and tableware design. After all, the core of the domestic environment is what happens at the table. Now you have the chance to taste the main trends that lie ahead. Please help yourself…

Sowing The Seeds of Culture #58

Futurefarmers delves deep

Long before farmers’ markets and seed bombings became hipster lore, Amy Franceschini and her band of Futurefarmers were busy uncovering the intimate relation- ship between art, design, and agriculture. Founded in 1995 as an organic collective of artists, writers, designers, researchers, scientists, and farmers, Futurefarmers has created speculative futures, heirloom seed archives, home laboratory kits, and installation art, and has revived the World War II network of Victory Gardens – urban farms located across the United States. Since 2013, the group has been working on the Flatbread Society, a public artwork in Oslo that launches in September and is short- listed for an Artes Mundi Prize.

Glorious Gaggenau #58

333 years of continual progress

When in 1683 nobleman Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden founded an ironworks at the foot of the Black Forest in a village called Gaggenau, he could hardly have imagined that today his company would be among the most acclaimed manufacturers of high-quality professional-grade domestic appliances. Especially because back then Europe was deeply involved in endless bloody wars. In 2016, Gaggenau celebrates its 333th anniversary. On this occasion, the people behind the pioneering brand talk about why the company is much more than just a kitchen appliance supplier.

Clean Urban Skies #58

Daan Roosegaarde’s smog-free bubbles

Daan Roosegaarde is a social designer; he explores the relationship between people, technology, and space. Driven by the marvels of nature, he’s fascinated by such things as the light emitted by fireflies and jellyfish, and is equally fond of technology, all of which is reflected in iconic designs that effectively depict landscapes of the future. Studio Roosegaarde is his social design lab, which consists of a team of designers and engineers. The projects begin with ideas about future landscapes and then develop into remarkable physical entities. A particularly innovative approach leads to the dynamic, interactive works for which this creative thinker is known.

PHOTOS Studio Roosegaarde


Studio Makgill x H Furniture - DAMN° Magazine

Studio Makgill x H Furniture

Following a meeting of minds between Hamish Makgill and H Furniture founder Alejandro Villareal, the pair decided that Studio Makgill should work on creating a limited edition WW range. The […]



Gastronaut Ice Cream is the world’s first-ever organic freeze-dried ice cream. Its debut by way of a Kickstarter campaign launched on 11 July 2016 was successful, and the company was […]


Van Den Weghe + Casimir Ateliers

Casimir has created an oblong 7.8-metre-long kitchen (worktop + storage space) with a separate totem element for the oven and refrigerator. The 4 cm-thick, solid Irish Bluestone flamed-finish worktop perfectly […]



Lepic by Schiffini is the first industrially-produced kitchen designed by Jasper Morrison, after having de- signed so many products for every environment in the home. Lepic is a project that […]

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