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Sharing Places #53

Introducing the New Nomad

These days you can find them dotted round the globe. The new nomads travel light, well equipped with a laptop and a latte, working from practically anywhere and at all hours. Free of a fixed abode and of a classic office, they’re situated wherever they prefer to be at any given time, armed only with the tool that achieves the task at hand, and a few select belongings. This is a breed worthy of recognition, most especially by designers, makers, and sellers of things.

The Inner Office #53

about the workspace of the future

The workspace of the future will be intelligent, implicitly adapting to ergonomic, social, and cultural requirements. It will be the place where privacy and solitude are allowed and demanded, alongside room for seamless exchanges and encounters. Comfort translates into specified environments and differentiated uses. It also implies that offices be enabled to adapt to our […]

The Notion of Craft: Leonor Antunes strikes a chord #53

On the occasion of Leonor Antunes’s exhibition opening in Ghent, immediately on the heels of her show in New York from which the work is extracted, DAMN° engaged the artist in a meaningful Q & A session. In delightful accord with all observations of the elegant, understated forms presented, Antunes speaks of her commitment to the crafts and her inclination to reference historical works by architects and designers she admires.

Glints and Sparks #53

Snapshots of the London Design Festival

And so it was time for another edition of the design festival in London town. New products and ideas bounced and echoed from postcode to postcode, as the official fairs and the added-extras all vied for attention. Quite rightly so, as there was much of interest to be noticed.

The End of Sitting #53

Pondering the format of the body

RAAAF architects and artist Barbara Visser joined forces to create an alternative solution to the ridiculous amount of time we sit on our backsides these days. It is, after all, highly unnatural and not at all appropriate to the design of the human body for us to maintain such a posture for hours on end. Refreshingly, the team has devised an installation that avidly illustrates how this tendency can readily be countered, and the solution is as attractive as it is feasible.


Alexander Schärer: project50

To celebrate 50 years of USM Modular Furniture, the Swiss company has launched project50, an initiative that aims to encourage a new generation of creators from various countries to explore the concept of modularity. At the core of the project is the concept: rethink the modular. Students of architecture and design from seven international universities find […]

Lucie Koldová

Lucie Koldová’s writing desk

Czech lighting and furniture designer Lucie Koldová, now based in Paris, presented a writing desk this past spring called Sheets, which exhibits a classically pristine look. “This writing desk reminds one of the blank sheets of paper waiting for the first sentences to fill their lines. Elegant proportions, with gentle curves and an attractive combination […]

Iskos_Berlin_Stol for Hay, Denmark 2015

HAY: Soft Edge

Soft Edge, the chair series de- signed by Iskos-Berlin for Hay in 2015, represents the next step in the development of the moulded plywood technique. Using regular veneers, it provides significantly bigger double curvature in order to obtain three- dimensionality, which is unusual for ordinary moulded plywood. “In a way, Soft Edge is a kind of […]


Susan Cain’s Quiet Spaces

Research shows that 31% of full-time employees do most of their work away from their official workplace, seeking physical and emotional comfort and familiarity. In her bestselling book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, Susan Cain underlines that workers are often left to deal with the situation at the […]

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