ASTEP by Alessandro Sarfatti

DAMN° Magazine March 2016

Lighting has always been at the centre of life for Alessandro Sarfatti, who worked closely with his father Ricardo Sarfatti at Luceplan and studied the work of his grandfather, Gino Sarfatti. Each generation has brought an innovative direction to lighting and design. Candela, designed by Francisco Gomez Paz, continues the long tradition of Scandinavian flame luminaires while advancing the product using 21st-century technology. From the heat of the flame, Candela produces its own electricity, providing a cosy level of LED illumination whilst harvesting enough energy to charge mobile devices. Honouring the evolution in design, Astep will also be presenting re-edits of timeless works by Gino Sarfatti and Vittoriano Viganò.

Alessandro Sarfatti studied Economic Sciences and in 1996 joined Luceplan, the Italian lighting design company founded by his parents in 1978. He became CEO of the company in 2005, devoting much of his time to the process of product creation, until 2013 when he left the company. Sarfatti is currently working on a number of projects and is also part of the ADI (Italian Design Association) national steering committee.

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