'Fame' at Artissima in Turin, Italy.

November 2016

Since 2014, Milan-based French artist Sabine Delafon has been buying signs saying "I am hungry" from homeless people she encounters in the street. Those authentic signs are then turned into black and white posters, t-shirts and porcelain plates, which are for sale. The original signs are also for sale, and part of the gainings go to Equoevento Onus, a non-profit organisation based in Rome, which collects excess food from big social events and distributes it to homeless people.⠀“I am hungry” is a human condition shared by all of us: regardless of whether it is hunger for food, hunger for love, hunger for beauty, culture or travels, we all are hungry for something", says the artist. 'Fame' opens on Friday 4 November, 6 pm to 9 pm at Artissima in Turin, Italy.