Catalan photographer Victor Enrich just launched Phallus 2020, created in the hours following the outcome of the American presidential election. Like so many others all over the world, he experienced this as “a direct punch in the face”. The artist, who is known for his manipulated photographs of buildings, imagined the White House after four years with Donald Trump as President. “I tried to reflect on a certain dystopia in which Trump, without encountering any opposition, decides to transform the White House into a kitschy skyscraper made of 13 copies of the main building, obviously crowned with the golden logo of his family name. Washington D.C. is one of the few American cities that adheres to strict urban norms regarding construction. One of these norms is that no single building can be taller than the Capitol. Of course, Trump doesn’t respect this rule. Instead, he grabs it by the pussy.” Phallus 2020 consists of five photographs and is for sale via Victor Enrich’s website.

“We all struggle to tell young people to respect minorities and welcome diversity, but after Trump’s victory I believe that most of these same young people will feel confused, since Trump embodies the sort of profile based on the complete opposite approach to dealing with social reality. The most fearful thing of all is that perhaps most of things Trump said during his campaign were not truly his; being the ‘good businessman’ that he is, he may have discovered what the majority of American voters think about themselves and about the world that surrounds them. So Trump’s message is actually America’s message, now that he is officially the president elect. With Obama holding office we may have thought that the battle was over, but reality has hit us hard and the only thing we can do now is to fight with all the instruments we have to hand, to spread a message to those who voted for Trump that this world is a precious place and there are rules decided by all of us that should be maintained.”