Founded in 2008, the Curry Stone Design Prize’s goal is to inspire the next generation of designers to harness their ingenuity and craft for social good by sharing and supporting the work of leading social impact practitioners.

Throughout the year, new members of the Social Design Circle will be announced every month in relation to the issue the Curry Stone Design Prize is addressing for that particular month. For this month, February, the topic is: “Is The Right To Housing Real?” Each practice named to the Social Design Circle has helped define the Social Design movement over the last decade through the impact of their work. To publicise their work, each receives a feature on the Prizes’s website and is mentioned in the Social Design Insights’ podcast.

Mae Tha, Thailand | Participatory mapping
Thus the Prize hopes to empower architects, product designers, technology engineers and artist. It also aims at inspiring citizens to take a more active role in forming their societies. You'll find all Social Design Circle members here.

Construction process – extension of 4m in front of the existing building + a new glazed facade. Photo by Philippe Ruault
Starting top left going clockwise: 614 Marcy Avenue, Brooklyn NY – FaçadePhoto by Paul Warchol, 2330 Bronx Park East, Bronx NY – Façade Photo by Rodrigo Pereda, 1401 Teller Avenue, Bronx NY – Façade Photo by Adrian Vasile, 1501 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn NY – Façade Photo by Philippe Baumann, 1974 Hughes Avenue, Bronx NY –Façade Photo by Adrian Vasile, 2950 Grand Concourse, Bronx NY – FaçadePhoto by Jason Gibbs
On the ground floor of The Schermerhorn, a commercial space is rented out by The Brooklyn Ballet. ©David Sundberg_Esto for Ennead Architects
Cultivate Connection: Place compatible uses together to add convenience and support social encounters (from “9 Ways to Build Community with Urban Housing”). Image: Bruce Damonte
L'Oeuf Architects (l’Office de l’Éclectisme Urbain et Fonctionnel), Rosemont. Photo by Nikkol Rot / Holcim Foundation