Now that designer and sculptor Xavier Lust has finished his studio in a former print workshop in Ixelles (Brussels), he is finally finding time again to create furniture. In recent years he has continued to evolve from industrial production into more limited editions. The pieces on show in Palazzo Litta confirm this trend.

For the Bee chairs, he collaborated with Charles Schambourg by Nacarat, a Brussels based artisan brand in luxury woven leather. Even though they were founded in 1962, the company has remained a noble unknown, even though brands like Rolls Royce and Delvaux have worked with them. “The brand collaborates with top notch designers worldwide, but doesn’t seek the spotlight. It’s a hidden secret of absolute expertise!” Lust met the current owner Nicolas Berryer years ago, and they became friends immediately. “We talk and laugh a lot when we meet, and we very much enjoy working together.” Thus the overall theme of the exhibition ‘A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds’ at Palazzo Litta came very naturally to Xavier Lust.

Xavier Lust at the Charles Schambourg by Nacarat headquarters, choosing leather.
Lust presents prototypes of ‘Bee’ at the Belgitude platform: a chair with seating made of delicately woven leather. “Charles Schambourg by Nacarat offers an abundance of choices in colors and patterns, so my biggest problem was choosing… Out of the plentitude of possibilities Nicolas Berryer had on show at the leather workshop, I ultimately went for a kind of Marie Antoinette chair in pink with bright details, one with black stitching and golden dots, and a third one with soft hair. All this mounted on an aluminum structure. Not cheap, but beautiful and very comfortable.”

Xavier Lust, who is through personal and work preferences probably the most Italian of the Belgian designers - “as a designer all roads always lead to Italy” – and he has known Palazzo Litta since the first exhibition DAMNº and Mosca Partners organized there. But now is the first time he has exhibited here. “The Belgitude exhibition was a good opportunity to finally make the chair I had been thinking of for so many years. A deadline is always an excellent opportunity to finalize projects! As mentioned, the Bees shown are prototypes, and I have no idea whether they will be produced – it depends also on the interest shown by the audience in Palazzo Litta.”

Xavier Lust, Bee (prototype)
For those curious to see more of Xavier Lust, he has an exhibition at the Ralph Pucci gallery in New York in May 2017.

Meanwhile, ‘A Matter of Perception: Linking Minds’ which includes the ‘Belgitude’ exhibition, is taking place at Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta 24, Milan, 4-9 April. As always, it’s organized by DAMN° and Mosca Partners. Come and see this 3rd edition – you will be happy you did!