Brussels-based art critic Sam Steverlynck writes for DAMN° and various other publications. In 2014 he curated A Simple Plan, an exhibition in a private villa designed by Stéphane Beel. He is also one of the driving forces behind an artists’ residency in a 1958 villa designed by artist/architect René Heyvaert.

Streetwise Abstraction - DAMN° Magazine

Streetwise Abstraction

Alain Biltereyst’s compositions in paint

Inventing a New Landscape - DAMN° Magazine

Inventing a New Landscape

Bas Smets intervenes in the terrain

Dealing with Dyson and other anomalies - DAMN° Magazine

Dealing with Dyson and other anomalies

The post-internet art of Pieterjan Ginckels

All At Once - DAMN° Magazine

All At Once

Jonathan Muecke goes Lampens

The Living Is Easy - DAMN° Magazine

The Living Is Easy

OFFICE curates INTERIEUR 2016, 14-23 October, Kortrijk, Belgium.

Art of Business - DAMN° Magazine

Art of Business

Simon Denny digs data

Participatory Action - DAMN° Magazine

Participatory Action

Jeanne van Heeswijk's fixings

The Bold and the Brutalist - DAMN° Magazine

The Bold and the Brutalist

Juliaan Lampens’ cunning architecture

Conceptual Carpenter - DAMN° Magazine

Conceptual Carpenter

Leon Vranken’s pristine practice



En Flamme, a group show on destruction and creation, Vilvoorde, Belgium, until 22 May 2016 (finissage 22 May 2-6 pm)

Transplantation - DAMN° Magazine


A chunk of Detroit in Europe

Sculpture as Social Gesture - DAMN° Magazine

Sculpture as Social Gesture

Philip Metten’s convivial creations

Fondling Fonts - DAMN° Magazine

Fondling Fonts

Graphic design by Jonathan Barnbrook

Mapping the City - DAMN° Magazine

Mapping the City

The art and times of Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin