Veerle Devos (aka VOS) is a historian who has been active in journalism for many years, working with DAMNº since 2005. She's co-founder of the Office for Urban Reporting, a research centre and production house that investigates and communicates about 21st-century urbanisation. She also started Lisboneye, offering alternative visits for curious travellers to Lisbon, and is currently preparing a personal travel guide for Portugal. Vos is DAMN°'s digital editor.

Holy Crap - DAMN° Magazine

Holy Crap

Super Local wants to reincarnate waste

Re-centring the Periphery - DAMN° Magazine

Re-centring the Periphery

Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa talks about the impact of geopolitics on his work and the art world.

Saving The City - DAMN° Magazine

Saving The City

200Grs sends ripples through Beirut

Beirut’s Hybrid Chaos - DAMN° Magazine

Beirut’s Hybrid Chaos

Rana Salam extols street design

Intuitively Rational - DAMN° Magazine

Intuitively Rational

Sigve Knutson, touched by Beirut

The thrill of imperfection - DAMN° Magazine

The thrill of imperfection

Erik Kessels & Friends at NRW Forum in Dusseldorf from 12 August until 5 November

Please touch - DAMN° Magazine

Please touch

The textile exhibition at Design Museum Gent is doing the unthinkable: letting you touch!

About a dress that reads like a book - DAMN° Magazine

About a dress that reads like a book

Spotted at the Beirut Design Week: Ziad Qweider

Spotted at Beirut Design Week - DAMN° Magazine

Spotted at Beirut Design Week

Some highlights from the 6th edition

No future without the past - DAMN° Magazine

No future without the past

Spotted at the Beirut Design Week: Annabel Karim Kassar

Beyond the Norm - DAMN° Magazine

Beyond the Norm

Tarik Al Zaharna: rethinking Dubai

Depicting a Dirty War - DAMN° Magazine

Depicting a Dirty War

Emmanuel Tussore assumes his duty

Still Motion - DAMN° Magazine

Still Motion


Going Mobile - DAMN° Magazine

Going Mobile

Are mobile and small-scale architectures a sign of our times? Rebecca Roke talks Mobitecture

FORMAFANTASMA at Palazzo Litta - DAMN° Magazine

FORMAFANTASMA at Palazzo Litta

Glass collections celebrating the beauty of imperfection