Veerle Devos (aka VOS) is a historian who has been active in journalism for many years, working with DAMNº since 2005. She's co-founder of the Office for Urban Reporting, a research centre and production house that investigates and communicates about 21st-century urbanisation. In her free time she’s preparing a personal travel guide for Portugal.

Are Cities Still Good For Us? - DAMN° Magazine

Are Cities Still Good For Us?

Leo Hollis on the current state of our urban environment

Smarter Ways - DAMN° Magazine

Smarter Ways

Skylar Tibbits on the Self-Assembly Lab at MIT

Lost and Found - DAMN° Magazine

Lost and Found

PEDRITA looked to found photo footage for its latest tiles-installation, on show at Lisbon's Underdogs gallery – the platform launched by urban artist Vhils

Remixing the City - DAMN° Magazine

Remixing the City

MakeCity in Berlin: a new social contract

Spooky Distance Effect - DAMN° Magazine

Spooky Distance Effect

Carsten Nicolai installs a mirrored laser beam sculpture inside Berlinische Galerie

Function Follows Material - DAMN° Magazine

Function Follows Material

Lucile Viaud on the watery origins of her Ostraco collection

Dérive by Design - DAMN° Magazine

Dérive by Design

DAMNº speaks to designer Rikkert Paauw about found footage, foraging, and the research of a city

From Milan to Mars - DAMN° Magazine

From Milan to Mars

Litta Variations #4 at Milan Design Week



Asif Khan’s holistic approach to architecture

Nicolas Karakatsanis: DISGRACERS - DAMN° Magazine

Nicolas Karakatsanis: DISGRACERS

Solo exhibition, until 6th of May, at Alice Gallery, Brussels.

Appreciate the light…before it goes away - DAMN° Magazine

Appreciate the light…before it goes away

Daniel Rybakken prepares for his next big bang

From a clearing in the woods to the red planet - DAMN° Magazine

From a clearing in the woods to the red planet

Asif Khan designs a mesmerising Palazzo Litta courtyard pavilion

Jung Lee: dwelling with neon light - DAMN° Magazine

Jung Lee: dwelling with neon light

The world discovered her images of neon phrases in desolate landscapes through social media.

Snarkitecture - DAMN° Magazine


New York-based collaborative practice invites us to play