Barcelona Design Week

This year's festival follows the theme of 'revaluation' in the hopes of achieving a sustainable future

From June 5, 2018 until June 14, 2018
For this year's edition, Barcelona Design Week invites visitors to revalue everything around them, in order to reflect on how we should consume to achieving a sustainable future.
Taking place from 5 to 14 June, the festival will offer an extensive programme with activities for everyone in order to resignify the concept of good design with the ultimate aim of serving society.
'Can we continue with the current model of production and consumption of goods and services? Does it make sense to have an economy based on infinite growth in an environment with finite resources? How do we relate to everything that we have or that we want to have? How does this affect the relationship between us and with cities?' question the organisers.
Highlights range from an opening conference chaired by Humberto Campana, a trend workshop exploring light and colour, and a biodesign workshop led by Stanford University researchers.