Contemporary Istanbul - DAMN° Magazine

Contemporary Istanbul

The fair puts on a brave face for art



Julian Charrière: art’s natural witness



The European Ceramic Context 2018 at Bornholm

Celebrating Craftsmanship - DAMN° Magazine

Celebrating Craftsmanship

Artisans from all over Europe are brought together in Venice to show their unique skills

By The Sea - DAMN° Magazine

By The Sea

Anna Sansom reports from Marseille's seafront art show, Art-O-Rama

Flooded Modernity - DAMN° Magazine

Flooded Modernity

Artist Asmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen sinks Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye

Public art of Paris - DAMN° Magazine

Public art of Paris

Installations take over the city's La Défense district

Lost and Found - DAMN° Magazine

Lost and Found

PEDRITA looked to found photo footage for its latest tiles-installation, on show at Lisbon's Underdogs gallery – the platform launched by urban artist Vhils

Below and Above: Peter Halley at Xippas Gallery - DAMN° Magazine

Below and Above: Peter Halley at Xippas Gallery

The Au-Dessous/Au-Dessus show brings immersive works by Peter Halley to the Parisian gallery

Spooky Distance Effect - DAMN° Magazine

Spooky Distance Effect

Carsten Nicolai installs a mirrored laser beam sculpture inside Berlinische Galerie

Art in the city: London Open 2018 - DAMN° Magazine

Art in the city: London Open 2018

London remains open, is the message being sent out by the Whitechapel Gallery at its latest exhibition

Art Brussels - DAMN° Magazine

Art Brussels

This year's event reflected the huge growth of the contemporary art market in the last five decades

Take a Dive on the Deep Side - DAMN° Magazine

Take a Dive on the Deep Side

Now is not the time for a polite discussion about the world’s ecosystem, according to Lisbon's MAAT director Pedro Gadaho

Dérive by Design - DAMN° Magazine

Dérive by Design

DAMNº speaks to designer Rikkert Paauw about found footage, foraging, and the research of a city

Taking Space - DAMN° Magazine

Taking Space

18 years after creating a Holocaust Memorial on the Judenplatz in Vienna, Rachel Whiteread returns to the Austrian capital.