Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City - DAMN° Magazine

Greystone: Tools for Understanding the City

From 12 October 2017 until 4 March 2018 at CCA, Montreal, Canada.

Fragile Structures - DAMN° Magazine

Fragile Structures

Artist's book about croissants and consumer lifestyle destroys itself from the inside through use.

Ai Weiwei: Good Fences Make Good Neighbours - DAMN° Magazine

Ai Weiwei: Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

From October 12, 2017 to February 11, 2018, in Citywide NYC

A Weekend In Warsaw - DAMN° Magazine

A Weekend In Warsaw

The Warsaw Gallery Weekend confirms the reputation of the Polish capital's art scene for being edgy and less market-driven.

Impure Prost - DAMN° Magazine

Impure Prost

Emeka Ogboh's beer inspired by experiences of African migrants in Europe has been nominated for Designs of the Year.

Contesting ‘home’ - DAMN° Magazine

Contesting ‘home’

Los Angeles exhibition explores how home can invoke both fear and dread, and nostalgia or comfort.

Jewelled Waves - DAMN° Magazine

Jewelled Waves

Thousands of glass bricks constitute artist Jean-Michel Othoniel's latest feat: a towering ripping wave.

Re-centring the Periphery - DAMN° Magazine

Re-centring the Periphery

Cuban artist Carlos Garaicoa talks about the impact of geopolitics on his work and the art world.

Tree of Life - DAMN° Magazine

Tree of Life

Curator Elien Haentjens on a Belgian-Brazilian design dialogue about the carnauba palm tree.

Crowdsourced Ceramics - DAMN° Magazine

Crowdsourced Ceramics

Last chance to see Grayson Perry's punchy exhibition exploring everyone's favourite scapegoat, populism.

The Rhythm of History and The Everyday - DAMN° Magazine

The Rhythm of History and The Everyday

Artist Cevdet Erek uses percussion to amplify universal memories in our next installment of The Life and Times of Istanbul.

Sounding off in Copenhagen - DAMN° Magazine

Sounding off in Copenhagen

The “hypocritical, ironic, and do not give a fuck” work of Nástio Mosquito headlines Copenhagen Art Week.

Art of conspiracy - DAMN° Magazine

Art of conspiracy

Retro sci-fi, childhood conspiracy theories and an American diner act as Trojan horse for artist Monira Al Qadiri's sociopolitical critique.

SALT of The Earth - DAMN° Magazine

SALT of The Earth

Continuing The Life and Times of Istanbul series on art and design in the city, discover the SALT contemporary culture institution.