Pinhole to the East - DAMN° Magazine

Pinhole to the East

Siba Sahabi's work surfaces significant Middle Eastern contributions to science, technology and culture buried in history.

Failing Forward - DAMN° Magazine

Failing Forward

Recovering addicts experience the transformative power of personal narratives and creative mistakes with the help of designer Yinka Ilori.

Modernism’s In The Details - DAMN° Magazine

Modernism’s In The Details

Compelling archive of unusual modernist architecture customisations reveals untold histories of the iconic movement.

Capitalism On Show - DAMN° Magazine

Capitalism On Show

The Museum of Capitalism has no shortage of material, but without redressing the foundations of human value, it might just be wishful thinking.

Impure Prost - DAMN° Magazine

Impure Prost

Emeka Ogboh's beer inspired by experiences of African migrants in Europe has been nominated for Designs of the Year.

Bountiful Bangers - DAMN° Magazine

Bountiful Bangers

Carolien Niebling won the Grand Prix at the Villa Noailles Design Parade with The Future Sausage project featured on the DAMN°64 cover.

A Scent of Now - DAMN° Magazine

A Scent of Now

Explore the most progressive contemporary perfumes and create your own at Somerset House.

Tree of Life - DAMN° Magazine

Tree of Life

Curator Elien Haentjens on a Belgian-Brazilian design dialogue about the carnauba palm tree.

Fountain of fun - DAMN° Magazine

Fountain of fun

Studio GGSV explain their interactive Pompidou installation that invites kids to remix and reimagine 40 years of art and design.

The Life and Times of Istanbul - DAMN° Magazine

The Life and Times of Istanbul

A new series on the cultural programmes, artists and designers in the transforming Istanbul.

Standing for democracy - DAMN° Magazine

Standing for democracy

Arianna Mazzeo on how cities can be used as participatory laboratories for democracy and social inclusion.

Send sand! - DAMN° Magazine

Send sand!

To See A World In A Grain Of Sand is a new project by Atelier NL and they want your sand samples.

Post-Industrial Making - DAMN° Magazine

Post-Industrial Making

Galerie Poirel and Cnap show how designers are divesting from mass production, ranging from Ikea-hacking to making with magnets.

Post-truth objects - DAMN° Magazine

Post-truth objects

Exhibition of objects at Somerset House in London plays a game of Would I Lie To You?

A seaside story - DAMN° Magazine

A seaside story

Paris's 5.5 designstudio have made beach accessories that echo the modernist architecture of La Grande Motte.