Sounding off in Copenhagen - DAMN° Magazine

Sounding off in Copenhagen

The “hypocritical, ironic, and do not give a fuck” work of Nástio Mosquito headlines Copenhagen Art Week.

Art of conspiracy - DAMN° Magazine

Art of conspiracy

Retro sci-fi, childhood conspiracy theories and an American diner act as Trojan horse for artist Monira Al Qadiri's sociopolitical critique.

Fountain of fun - DAMN° Magazine

Fountain of fun

Studio GGSV explain their interactive Pompidou installation that invites kids to remix and reimagine 40 years of art and design.

Send sand! - DAMN° Magazine

Send sand!

To See A World In A Grain Of Sand is a new project by Atelier NL and they want your sand samples.

Post-truth objects - DAMN° Magazine

Post-truth objects

Exhibition of objects at Somerset House in London plays a game of Would I Lie To You?

A seaside story - DAMN° Magazine

A seaside story

Paris's 5.5 designstudio have made beach accessories that echo the modernist architecture of La Grande Motte.

‘No space is a good place’ - DAMN° Magazine

‘No space is a good place’

Depot Basel has closed its doors but, says co-founder Matylda Krzykowski, it’ll be back in a new form.

Portuguese Stone - DAMN° Magazine

Portuguese Stone

Experiments into contemporary stone utensils by the Campanas, the Bouroullecs and others propose thrilling new forms.

Cindy’s Instagram - DAMN° Magazine

Cindy’s Instagram

The queen of the selfie since long before Instagram, now you can follow Cindy Sherman there.

Anthropocene Architecture - DAMN° Magazine

Anthropocene Architecture

Tallinn Biennale asks: Can a city's wastewater be transformed into gas, food and fertile soil using a biotechnological ecosystem?

Design CSI - DAMN° Magazine

Design CSI

New Forensic Architecture project reveals exactly how objects bear witness to crimes.

Daan Roosegaarde to develop smog free bicycle - DAMN° Magazine

Daan Roosegaarde to develop smog free bicycle

as announced at the World Economic Forum in Dalian, China.