Major-Marginal **read full article in DAMnº49**Major-Marginal **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Fernando Serapião

Major-Marginal **read full article in DAMnº49**

A window on new Brazilian architecture

Buildings of many sorts, shapes, and sizes are being constructed in Brazil these days, with Brazilian architects proving to be well up to the challenge presented by the sharp polarity between rich and poor in their country, duly satisfying the requirement to provide coalescence. Citing a number of specific projects, Fernando Serapião demonstrates that architecture is not only important in Brazil but also crucial in solving local societal issues that would otherwise remain tense and volatile, or worse, that would fester and rot.

A room with a view in Jardim Edite, São Paulo / Photo © Leonardo Finotti.

Easy as ABC? **read full article in DAMnº49**Easy as ABC? **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by LEONORA SARTORI

Easy as ABC? **read full article in DAMnº49**

Italian hotel as refuge

In Rome there is a hotel that was suddenly abandoned by its owners a few years back. The rooms were swiftly taken up by a large number of people arriving from North Africa. This was an illegal occupation made in a sincere manner. Due to its visibility at such a scale, the situation received attention. People from different areas of expertise and concern have since become involved, pointing out the city’s inadequate housing plan and trying to see that it is addressed.

Antoni from Peru training on the hotel rooftop / Photo: Valerio Muscella

On Aalto’s ShouldersOn Aalto’s Shoulders

06 March 2015 by Norman Kietzmann

On Aalto’s Shoulders

The Bouroullec’s step up

Two heads are better than one: This year, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec have not just started a collaboration with the longstanding furniture house Artek, the brothers have conquered a second Finnish sanctuary: the Iittala glassworks.

Drawing, Kaari Collection for Artek.,,

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06 March 2015 by Bruno Simões


A glimpse into Brazilian design

Brazilian design has come a long way. No longer clinging to the fame of the Campana brothers for its viability, young designers are redefining the term, carving a niche for themselves and using ingenious ways to do so. Combining traditional materials, crafts, and working methods with a feel for minimalism and a regard for the handmade, the products are at once distinctive and very much in sync with the worldwide wave of consciousness. With emerging and established designers joining forces, and collectives being formed with the attitude of exchanging..

Banco Ponei by Rodrigo Almeida / Photo © Mariana Chama.

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Into the WoodsInto the Woods

06 March 2015 by Adam Štěch

Into the Woods

George Nakashima’s life in furniture

The American designer/craftsman with a Japanese name made his mark in the studio-furniture movement of the previous century through an uncannily Japanese approach to his work. With a diverse range of life experience involving exposure to various cultures and sensibilities, George Nakashima developed his own very particular meaning and method of design. A sense of spirituality penetrated his work, which served to emphasise the high quality and clever detailing of the workmanship. Each item was handmade and thus embodied the nature of the ma..

Storage of wooden planks under the Conoid studio.

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Small-scale GlobalSmall-scale Global

06 March 2015 by Veerle Devos

Small-scale Global

Smiljan Radić’s architecture

The architecture of Smiljan Radić is eccentric, unusual, poetic, and cutting-edge. He doesn’t have a website and is decidedly untraceable through social media, only taking part sporadically in the international architecture circus, and building almost exclusively in his native Chile – which he says is really far from everything. “I do not care to be connected.” Though it must be said that on the rare occasion Smiljan Radić ever leaves his country, he does so with good reason, such as to build the 2014 Serpentine Gallery Pav..

Serpentine Pavilion, London / Photo: Iwan Baan.

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In his headIn his head

06 March 2015 by Lyle Rexer

In his head

How Ron Gilad entertains himself

Ron Gilad has committed himself to the materialising of ideas, creating design pieces with a keen thoughtfulness, wit, and splendour. He is fascinated with deconstructing the function of an object, and the types of works he creates are wide in range. As it happens, all that Gilad designs is evidence of a meticulous attention and focus, as well as a poetic formalism; it is aesthetically pleasing. Employing rigour, Gilad enlivens a consciousness of material vulnerability and deception, which serves to enrich his objects. DAMN° interviewed the form..

Portrait Ron Gilad © URI GRUN

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Painting mutePainting mute

06 March 2015 by Jurriaan Benschop

Painting mute

Luc Tuymans does it his way

A day after the opening of the current Luc Tuymans exhibition in London, DAMN° had the chance to sit down with the Belgian artist and discuss his work, as well as how it is being a painter in the early 21st century. Inevitably, the subject of the recent court case against him for plagiarism arose, nicely adding colour to the conversation. Given that the use of images circulating in the media and elsewhere is, and always has been, at the heart of his practice as a painter, the matter is all the more intriguing. Regardless of how you look at ..

Doig in his studio in New York, 2014 Courtesy of Michael Werner Gallery, New York / London Luc Tuymans in front of The Shore, the exhibition’s title painting. Image courtesy of David Zwirner Gallery, London

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Encyclopaedia of Objects **read full article in DAMnº49**Encyclopaedia of Objects **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Anna Sansom

Encyclopaedia of Objects **read full article in DAMnº49**

Sebastian Errazuriz, from A to Z

An artist that came through the design channel, Sebastian Errazuriz finds it as obvious to make something functional as something nonfunctional, and is equally interested in both. With a high variety of projects of each sort under his belt and so many more yet to come, he and those in his studio have their hands continually full. DAMN° asked Errazuriz about his work, which immediately led to stories about his life, as it seems that his every experience since childhood plays into the works he produces.

Explosion, 2013. Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, Women’s Committee Acquisition Fund

The Bilbao Effect **read full article in DAMnº49**The Bilbao Effect **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Pedro Gadanho

The Bilbao Effect **read full article in DAMnº49**

Two decades on

Passionate about the culture of architecture, Pedro Gadanho emotes over the current state of architecture today. Comparing the work of Frank O. Gehry to projects by others that have had a positive effect on humanity, he shares his take on the meaning that certain buildings possess, pointing out where the profession may be going awry and where it is clearly spot-on, offering a hopeful insight into how architecture can be redirected for the good of the world.

View of the Frank Gehry retrospective, © Fondation Louis Vuitton / Photo: Martin Argyroglo

Celebrating AFRICA **read full article in DAMnº49**Celebrating AFRICA **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Anna Sansom

Celebrating AFRICA **read full article in DAMnº49**

A land of many countries

As a tribute to the individual heritages that make up the continent of Africa, the Vitra Museum has put together an exhibition that highlights the built environment in five separate countries. A rather paltry coverage of the vast variety of nations that comprise this massive land, it nonetheless provides an enlightening glimpse. Keeping in mind the contrasting colonial, cultural, and political histories of each state, the diversity should not come as a surprise (but it does!).  

Hotel Ivoire, Abidjan (Ivory Coast), by Heinz Fenchel and Thomas Leiterdorf, 1962-1970 Photo © Iwan Baan.

Open House **read full article in DAMnº49**Open House **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Sam Steverlynck

Open House **read full article in DAMnº49**

The Melnikov estate

Situated in central Moscow is a distinctive modernist house by Kasimir Melnikov. Designed as a home for the architect himself some 70 years ago, it is revolutionary even now, despite its fragile state. Continually occupied by the Melnikov family, the last heir has since died, leaving instructions that the premises be opened to the public. The conundrum is that the building is in no fit state to take more than a handful of visitors unless it is properly restored.

Image courtesy of Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, Russia.

Setting the Scene **read full article in DAMnº49**Setting the Scene **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Sam Steverlynck

Setting the Scene **read full article in DAMnº49**

Richard Venlet’s art in context

Richard Venlet is an artist based in Brussels. His work tends heavily towards architecture, with the context playing an important role in all that he produces, to the point where it often comprises the entire content of the work itself. DAMN° decided to take a closer look at Venlet’s oeuvre over the past 25 years, quizzing the artist over his motivation and working approach.  

Museum for a Small City, 2013, S.M.A.K., Ghent, Belgium Photo © Dirk Pauwels.

Poetry in Motion **read full article in DAMnº49**Poetry in Motion **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Anna Sansom

Poetry in Motion **read full article in DAMnº49**

Ann Veronica Janssens’s oeuvre of light

From the very start, Ann Veronica Janssens has produced strong and evocative works, ephemeral in nature or meaning or both, that speak to the viewer in a silent language of pure emotion. With two exhibitions currently running and many more behind and in front of her, Janssens goes forward with the same gentle genuineness as always, making poetic works that emanate from the heart.  

From the Philaetchouri exhibition in Brussels La Verrière - Fondation d’entreprise Hermès, 2015 / Photo: Isabelle Arthuis

Water Ways **read full article in DAMnº49**Water Ways **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Patrizia Coggiola

Water Ways **read full article in DAMnº49**

Widening the horizon

Water is a scarce resource. Saying it over and over again doesn’t change anything. DAMN° sought-out individuals and companies who are taking action, devising ways to make sure that clean water becomes available to all, and that in the meantime it is not wasted by those who already have the privilege of having it on tap.

Where Land Meets Water **read full article in DAMnº49**Where Land Meets Water **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Patrizia Coggiola

Where Land Meets Water **read full article in DAMnº49**

Honouring the Swedish archipelago

Later this year a rather spectacular photographic exhibition is taking place in Stockholm – all together quite a serendipitous occurrence, as the works being shown form a synthesis with the setting that can only be described as thoroughly harmonious; as if the venue had been built solely for this occasion. Although the images all depict an interpretation of ‘land meeting water’, the practitioners involved have each created their photograph for reasons that vary widely. The presentation promises to be a rich feast for the ..

Artipelag Arts Foundation

Water is Life **read full article in DAMnº49**Water is Life **read full article in DAMnº49**

06 March 2015 by Daniela Fantini

Water is Life **read full article in DAMnº49**

A Manifesto by Daniela Fantini

Daniela Fantoni is a woman whose work has everything to do with water and the valuable resource that it represents. Indeed, in her view, water is an inalienable right, not just a need. Heading a company that makes kitchen and bathroom products, she has cause to focus more sharply on the subject as a whole. Through her personal involvement in a humanitarian initiative in Burundi, the company has entered the scene, building an aqueduct and installing fountains across the African continent.  

Daniela Fantini during a visit to Masango, Burundi Photo: Walter Zerla.

The dynamics of decelerationThe dynamics of deceleration

06 March 2015 by Norman Kietzmann

The dynamics of deceleration

MINI & Jaime Hayon at Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy, 14-19 April.

Size is not everything, as MINI and Jaime Hayon aim to demonstrate at this year's Salone del Mobile in Milan. Urban Perspectives is a mobility concept for now, in which technology, craft, fashion, and design form a coherent and joyful whole.,

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