Al Sourat Photo Festival 2014Al Sourat Photo Festival 2014

19 December 2014

Al Sourat Photo Festival 2014

Photo Festival, Abu Dhabi, UAE, until 15 January 2015.

Al Sourat Photo Festival 2014 is a photography exhibition by Institut français, the French cultural agency in the UAE. It features French and Emirati photographers who captured the spirit of the UAE between 1974 and 2014. Their works investigate the thematic IN/OUT, namely public spaces and private realms of Emirati society, showcasing its complex culture and its ever changing environment from the nation building to nowadays.

National Day Sheila, 2014, Chromogenic color print, 29.7 x 21 cm, by Lamya Gargash, one of the collaborating artists.

M/M Publicity DesignM/M Publicity Design

19 December 2014

M/M Publicity Design

Exhibition, Le Musée Des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France, 20 December 2014 – May 2015.

Graphic-designer-duo M/M has been invited to invest the advertising spaces of the museum. Having since developed numerous collaborations in the fields of music, fashion, art, theatre, media, architecture, design, ... the pair sees their production of signs and images as a set of meaningful entities that they constantly reorganise to build their own language.Their practice has been able to overcome the simple provision of services, as they have developed working relationships with their sponsors that are experienced as both research and artistic production. Many famous names are amongst thos..

M/M Publicity Design posters.

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Biblioteca del Sol, an updateBiblioteca del Sol, an update

18 December 2014 by Veerle Devos

Biblioteca del Sol, an update

The high mountain library project by Louis De Cordier

In 2010, high up in the Spanish Sierra Nevada, Belgian artist Louis De Cordier started an idealistic cross-border art & science project: the constructing of an ark containing important knowledge for future generations. End-of-the-World and Mayan Calendar people attached themselves to it, and in the run-up to the end of the world scheduled for 21 December 2012, there was a lot of media attention (see DAMnº24 for more on that). It made the Ark project famous. Indeed, the world didn’t perish, but something more beautiful happened: a community of cultural creatives gathered aroun..

Biblioteca del Sol, High Mountain Library, Sierra Neveda, Spain © Alex Brimmell (dome builder)

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SOMA – a current portrait of urban-inspired contemporary art in PortugalSOMA – a current portrait of urban-inspired contemporary art in Portugal

18 December 2014

SOMA – a current portrait of urban-inspired contemporary art in Portugal

Exhibition, Underdogs Gallery & Art Store, Lisbon, Portugal, until 23 December.

The exhibition shows that Lisbon is fertile ground for various urban artists. Soma presents a unit composed from a widely diverse universe of authorial visual languages, celebrating the vitality and wealth of this very heterogeneity; adding people and bringing different talents together, expressing their individual voices in the same space, creating a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

±MAISMENOS± on climate change

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David Weiss: Works, 1968-1979David Weiss: Works, 1968-1979

18 December 2014

David Weiss: Works, 1968-1979

Exhibition, Swiss Institute, New York, USA, until 22 February 2015.

David Weiss (1946-2012) was world-renowned for his sculptural, photographic and video work, made as Fischli/Weiss in collaboration with Peter Fischli beginning in 1979. This exhibition focuses on the lesser-known solo career of David Weiss, made prior to his ongoing collaboration, and is comprised of an exceptional group of works on paper from 1968-1979, and includes ever-before-seen material from the artist's archive that provides unprecedented insight into his formative years.Though set aside and virtually unknown to the public for over 30 years, in the months before his death in 2012..

David Weiss, Giacometti, 1978
. Watercolor, ink and pen on paper, 9.3 x 6.5 in.

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Modern Photographs from the Thomas Walther Collection, 1909–1949Modern Photographs from the Thomas Walther Collection, 1909–1949

17 December 2014

Modern Photographs from the Thomas Walther Collection, 1909–1949

Exhibition, MoMa, New York, US, until 19 April 2015.

Modern Photographs from the Thomas Walther Collection, 1909–1949 explores photography between the First and Second World Wars, when creative possibilities were never richer or more varied, and when photographers approached figuration, abstraction, and architecture with unmatched imaginative fervor. This vital moment is dramatically captured in the photographs that constitute the Thomas Walther Collection, a remarkable group of works presented together for the first time through nearly 300 photographs. Made on the street and in the studio, intended for avant-garde exhibitions or the printed page, these objects provide unique insight into the radical intentions of their creators. Iconic works by such towering figures as Berenice Abbott, Karl Blossfeldt, Alvin Langdon Coburn, El Lissitzky, Lucia Moholy, László Moholy-Nagy, Aleksandr Rodchenko, and Paul Strand are featured alongside lesser-known treasures by more than 100 other practitioners. 

Thomas Walther Collection

Sahand Hesamiyan, KhalvatSahand Hesamiyan, Khalvat

17 December 2014

Sahand Hesamiyan, Khalvat

Exhibition, Dubai, UAE, until 24 December.

Khalvat is Iranian sculptor Sahand Hesamiyan’s first solo show in the UAE. Sahand’s practice primarily explores contemporary sculptural directions, which take cue from Islamic architecture and present ancient concepts of transcendence in a modern context. In continuation of his practice, the artist analyses the relationship between Iranian architecture and its metaphysical symbolism. The show is based around, and named after, the main sculpture Khalvat – a Persian word that translates to a hidden, private sanctum.

Sahand Hesamiyan

Helsinki UNESCO City of DesignHelsinki UNESCO City of Design

16 December 2014

Helsinki UNESCO City of Design

Helsinki has been named City of Design, as part of the Creative Cities Network established by UNESCO. The application for the title submitted by the City of Helsinki to UNESCO in March 2014 focused on Helsinki’s commitment to utilizing design in developing a better city. For Helsinki, the design perspective forms a part of the strive to build a better city. Design is a reforming dynamic, which helps to develop the services of Helsinki and to make them even more user-oriented. The cities previously appointed as Cities of Design include Berlin, Buenos Aires, Graz, Kobe, Montréal, Nagoya, Saint-Étienne, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Seoul and Beijing. In 2014, Helsinki, as well as Bilbao, Turin, Dundee and Curitiba, received the same designation. 

© Jussi Helssten/Visit Helsinki

U2 X VhilsU2 X Vhils

16 December 2014

U2 X Vhils

video for U2 by urban artist Vhils

Portuguese urban artist Vhils is one of the eleven urban artists who unveil their work through a collection of films, inspired by U2’s Songs of Innocence. Political murals of Northern Ireland inspired Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. in the series of filmic couplings with 11 artists hailing from the UK to US, South Africa to Egypt, Belgium to Portugal, inspired by tracks from their new record Songs of Innocence. “The film was shot where I was born and grew up in the south bank of Lisbon around Almada and Seixal,” Farto says of the industrial locations..

Still from Raised by Wolves by Vhils.

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Call for entries: TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2015Call for entries: TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2015

16 December 2014

Call for entries: TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2015

Open for registration until 19 December 2014

Until 19 December 2014 manufacturers, designers, wholesalers and retailers in the international bicycle industry have time to take part in the TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2015. The growth and the success of the TAIPEI CYCLE Show year after year is a reflection of the rapid growth of the bicycle industry in Asia and in the world. Heading towards its 28th year in 2015, the TAIPEI CYCLE Show is Asia’s biggest bicycle fair: each year in March, this is where it’s all about bikes, all about their quality and innovation, and all of it is impressing – not only for the audience of experts but also for the general public. 

Impression of last year's TAIPEI CYCLE d&i awards 2014.

Les Habitants, a David Lynch-Inspired Installation by Guillermo KuitcaLes Habitants, a David Lynch-Inspired Installation by Guillermo Kuitca

15 December 2014

Les Habitants, a David Lynch-Inspired Installation by Guillermo Kuitca

Exhibition, Fondation Cartier, Paris, France, until 22 February 2015.

To commemorate its 30th anniversary, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents 'Les Habitants', a David Lynch-Inspired Installation by Argentinean painter Guillermo Kuitca. He presents an installation that illustrates the history of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain and its unique way of establishing relationships between artists and artworks, inciting encounters of many kinds, and making connections from one project to the next over the years. Occupying the entire lower level of the Fondation Cartier, this work is entitled Inhabitants, borrowing..

David Lynch

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Timbuktu RenaissanceTimbuktu Renaissance

14 December 2014

Timbuktu Renaissance

Upcoming exhibition, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium, 19 December 2014 – 22 February 2015.

BOZAR presents an exhibition of manuscripts of inestimable cultural value from Timbuktu (Mali). Several centuries old, they contain learning of many kinds. Their texts, dealing with science, politics, and law, are startlingly modern. "Tragedies are caused by differences and by a lack of tolerance. Glory be to Him who creates greatness out of difference and lets peace and reconciliation reign," they teach us. These historic documents from Timbuktu are accompanied by sounds and images from the city today, underlining the lasting nature of its heritage.

Man reading a manuscript on the roof of Djingareyber mosque. Courtesy of D Intl Savama DCI Gamma.

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9/11 Trilogy, Laura Poitras9/11 Trilogy, Laura Poitras

12 December 2014

9/11 Trilogy, Laura Poitras

Upcoming exhibition, Artists Space, New York, USA, 14 December 2014 - 15 February 2015.

Coinciding with the worldwide release of Laura Poitras’ documentary CITIZENFOUR, Artists Space presents an exhibition dedicated to the filmmaker’s 9/11 Trilogy, featuring her previous features My Country, My Country, and The Oath as well as three short films The Program, Death of a Prisoner, and PRISM: Snowden Interview. Together with CITIZENFOUR, these films rigorously document and address the expansion of the security state in the aftermath of 9/11. 

Still from The Oath, 2010 Laura Poitras, dir. Digital video, 96 minutes A co-production of Praxis Films and The Independent Television Service (ITVS), with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB). Courtesy Zeitgeist Films

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Under construction: Mons Convention Center by Daniel LibeskindUnder construction: Mons Convention Center by Daniel Libeskind

11 December 2014

Under construction: Mons Convention Center by Daniel Libeskind

Grand opening 9 January 2015.

Studio Daniel Libeskind is currently adding the finishing touches on the Convention Center in Mons, European Capital of Culture 2015. Located between the historic center and the Great Meadows area, the future Convention Center is a lever leading to the urban development of Mons and includes 3 theaters with seating up to 800. By creating a visual link with the Belfry, the building is fully integrated into the network of public and cultural center. Visible from the center, it is a landmark for the development of the City of Mons.

Image: Studio Daniel Libeskind.

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The Secret of Dresden. From Rembrandt to CanalettoThe Secret of Dresden. From Rembrandt to Canaletto

10 December 2014

The Secret of Dresden. From Rembrandt to Canaletto

Upcoming exhibition, Groninger Museum, Groningen, The Netherlands, 13 December 2014 - 25 May 2015.

The exhibition presents a generous selection from the world-renowned collection of the Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister in Dresden. Theme of the exhibition is the rich, eighteenth-century culture in Saxony. The electors of that time collected an enormous art collection that became one of the most notable in Europe, which includes amongst others masterpieces from Rembrandt, Velazquez, Titian and Canaletto. The exhibition is accompanied by an audio tour, which gives additional information and classical music from the court of Dresden.

Bernardo Bellotto, Dresden vanaf de rechter oever van de Elbe, tegenover de Augustusbrug, 1747, olieverf op doek, 132 x 236 cm, Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

Roger Ballen: Asylum of the birdsRoger Ballen: Asylum of the birds

09 December 2014 by Anna Sansom

Roger Ballen: Asylum of the birds

On the occasion of the exhibition in Galerie Karsten Greve in Paris, until ​3​ January ​2015.

Roger Ballen has created a haunting body of captivating black-and-white images, titled Asylum of the Birds, being exhibited at Galerie Karsten Greve in Paris. Like his previous series, Shadow Chamber, Boarding House and Animal Abstraction, they were shot in a makeshift, rickety building inhabited by homeless people near Johannesburg. The title draws on the double meaning of the word “asylum” – as a place of refuge or insanity – and depicts human beings mingling with birds, other animals and objects.  The work sees Ballen bringing more metaphorical thea..

Roger Ballen, Take Off, 2012.

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A reality check for speculationA reality check for speculation

08 December 2014

A reality check for speculation

Exhibition, Droog Gallery at Hôtel Droog, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, until 29 December.

This exhibition is part of the Reality Tank program– initiated in 2013 by Droog Foundation, and funded by the Creative Industries Fund NL. It is a research and development initiative aimed at bridging the gap between speculative design and the real world. Rather than striving to produce something that is directly commercially viable, Reality Tank investigates the role of speculative design in opening up new directions for interdisciplinary research and development by bringing together designers with academic researchers and commercial partners.

Luisa Zanzani for Reality Tank Polymers.

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Wang Jianwei: Time TempleWang Jianwei: Time Temple

08 December 2014

Wang Jianwei: Time Temple

Exhibition, Guggenheim, New York, USA, until 16 February 2015.

Beijing-based artist Wang Jianwei presents Time Temple, the first of three commissions by The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Chinese Art Initiative at the Guggenheim museum. Here the artist examines the contact between art and social reality. His highly innovative works consider space and time in elaborate ways: working from the notion that the production of artwork can be a continuous rehearsal, effectively connecting theatre, visual art, and film. The exhibition comprises installation, painting, film, and a live theatre production.

Wang Jianwei, Time Temple 4, 2014. Wood and paint. Two parts: one part 340 x 124 x 58 cm; one part 90 x 211.5 x 101.5 cm, dimensions vary with installation. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Collection. This wor

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Mounira Al Solh, NOW EAT MY SCRIPTMounira Al Solh, NOW EAT MY SCRIPT

07 December 2014

Mounira Al Solh, NOW EAT MY SCRIPT

Exhibition, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Germany, until 15 February 2015.

In her video installation NOW EAT MY SCRIPT (2014) the artist Mounira Al Solh engages with the moment where fragments of history and biography meet. She takes the transit of a sacrificed lamb in the trunk of her relative’s car as a starting point to reflect on the exchange of goods and food between her mother’s family in Syria and her family in Lebanon during periods of conflict.

Mounira Al Solh, NOW EAT MY SCRIPT, 2014, video still, courtesy the artist and Sfeir-Semler Gallery, Beirut/Hamburg.

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Body DoublesBody Doubles

07 December 2014

Body Doubles

Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, USA, until 19 April 2015.

Body Doubles raises complex questions about the relationship between the body and identity, exploring the myriad ways that artists have used the body to challenge boundaries – between the individual and society, male and female, interior and exterior, normal and transgressive. It is recognised that the body is not fixed but is rather in a perpetual state of flux and transformation. The exhibition explores two parallel ideas: that multiple bodies can perform one identity (akin to the role of the ‘body double’ in cinema); and that multiple identities can exist within one bod..

Mishima in Mexico (video still), 2012, by Wu Tsang; Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Collection, gift of the Buddy Taub Foundation, © 2012 Wu Tsang; photo courtesy Michael Benevento, Los Angeles.

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