Art Brussels 2014Art Brussels 2014

18 April 2014

Art Brussels 2014

Upcoming: contemporary art fair, Brussels Expo, Halls 1 & 3, Brussels, Belgium, 25-27 April.

This contemporary art fair brings together under one roof 190 contemporary art galleries from all over the world; more than 2000 artists (international well-known names as well as promising young talents); and 30.000 contemporary art lovers (among them local and international collectors). Art Brussels has the reputation of being Europe's leading cutting-edge contemporary art fair.

Evo MusartEvo Musart

16 April 2014 / DAMn°43

Evo Musart

upcoming: 3rd International Conference on Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Music, Sound, Art and Design, ETSIIT & CITIC, Granada, Spain, 23-25 April 2014

There is no doubt as to the importance of the field of evolutionary and biologically inspired (artificial neural network, swarm, artificial life) music, sound, art, and design. The use of biologically sourced techniques for the development of artistic systems is a recent, exciting, and significant area of research. There is a growing interest in the application of these techniques in fields such as visual art and music generation, analysis, and interpretation; sound synthesis; architecture; video; poetry; design; and other creative sectors. The main goal of Evo MUSART 2014 is to bring together researchers who are using biologically inspired computer techniques for artistic tasks, providing the opportunity to promote, present, and discuss on-going works in these areas.

Lingua FrancaLingua Franca

15 April 2014

Lingua Franca

D-Crit Conference, May 2, 12:30–7:00 p.m., in SVA Theatre, NYC.

The fifth annual conference organized by graduating students of the SVA MFA in Design Criticism will welcome British architecture critic and curator Justin McGuirk; author and critic Nicholson Baker; curator of Design and Architecture at Hong Kong's new museum M+ Aric Chen; critic, historian and theorist Sylvia Lavin; and creator of the MIT Press Mediawork project Peter Lunenfeld. “Here at D-Crit we want to reach as broad an audience as possible for our investigations into design, its contexts, and consequences. A perpetual, and yet engaging, challenge is to find a language and a way of talking about design that makes sense to regular people whose ‘mother tongue’ may not be design-ese; but without flattening out our deep research or rounding the edges of our distinctively accented perspectives. We find in design criticism the potential for a ‘lingua franca’ that would allow not only the freer trade of ideas and methods between disciplines, but also a means for more thoughtful public debate about design and its repercussions.”

Autonomy Exchange ArchiveAutonomy Exchange Archive

14 April 2014

Autonomy Exchange Archive

Exhibition, Paul Branca, David Horvitz & Fawn Krieger, West, Den Haag, the Netherlands, 24.04 - 07.06.

In 1934, Marcel Duchamp reproduced ninety-four of his works, annotating them and fitting them snugly into a cardboard box lined with green silk. Titled 'La boîte verte' (The green box) and created in an edition of 166, the series circulated Duchamp's ideas and objectives to a much wider audience. 'Autonomy Exchange Archive' presents works and artifacts originating from multi-faceted projects by New York based artists Paul Branca, David Horvitz, and Fawn Krieger. Through processes of exchange and intervention upon pre-existing structures or situations, 'residual' materials including documents, photographs, and objects are generated.

Welcome to IraqWelcome to Iraq

13 April 2014

Welcome to Iraq

Exhibition, South London Gallery, Peckham Road, London, until 1st of June.

The South London Gallery presents a restaging of the group exhibition, Welcome to Iraq, originally shown as part of the National Pavilion of Iraq in the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. Works in a variety of media by eleven contemporary artists, most of whom live and work in Iraq, were selected to highlight the breadth of artistic practice in Iraq and a creativity borne out of necessity in extraordinary historical circumstances.

Jamal Penjweny, Saddam is Here, courtesy the artist and RUYA Foundation

Roberto Cuoghi: Šuillakku CorralRoberto Cuoghi: Šuillakku Corral

12 April 2014

Roberto Cuoghi: Šuillakku Corral

Upcoming exhibition, Third Floor galleries, New Museum, New York, April 30–June 29.

Through an array of unconventional media, Roberto Cuoghi’s projects explore ideas of metamorphosis, hybridity, and violence. In the past, he has used mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, and animation to confront the challenges of self-representation as well as psychological transformation. For his exhibition in the Third Floor galleries of the New Museum, Cuoghi will present Šuillakku – corral version (2008–14), an immersive sound installation in the form of an imagined ancient Assyrian lament from 612 BC, performed on a collection of handmade instrume..

Roberto Cuoghi, Šuillakku – corral version, 2008–14. Sound installation. Courtesy the artist and Massimo De Carlo.

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Design City 2014Design City 2014

11 April 2014

Design City 2014

Upcoming: Luxembourg Biennial 'Into the Process', from 23rd April to 15th June.

If you consider Luxembourg a boring banking village, only enhanced by buildings of European institutions, it is essential that you discover this rapidly changing small country for yourself as it is only 2 hours away by high-speed train from Paris. The third opus of the Design City biennial in Luxembourg is devoted to the question of design in public areas and its integration in everyday life. Against the grain of conventional clichés, the Design City Biennial organized by the Mudam is perhaps the first pretext to go and take an exploratory look at this up-and-coming country.

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Imagining Childhood Between Unlimited  Possibilities and Impossible LimitationsImagining Childhood Between Unlimited  Possibilities and Impossible Limitations

10 April 2014 / DAMn°43

Imagining Childhood Between Unlimited Possibilities and Impossible Limitations

exhibiition, Design Museum Holon, Israel 16 April – 31 May.

Opening during Holon Design Week 2014, the work of Israeli designers who engage in children's book illustration and in designing outdoor games and playgrounds, is being presented at the Design Museum. These designers enable children to explore a world of imagination and to contend with the challenges involved, alongside some actual and imaginary dreams.

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Felix & FoamFelix & Foam

10 April 2014

Felix & Foam

Upcoming: opening Felix &Foam, Keizersgracht 324, Amsterdam, 17th of April.

For six months Felix &Foam, a collaboration between photography museum Foam and its partners will be thé place where art, culture and events meet. The festive opening of Felix &Foam in Felix Meritis on the Keizersgracht 324 in Amsterdam takes place on 17 April. Foam presents 'The Space Between Us', an exhibition in Felix & Foam between 18 April and 22 June, containing a.o. works of Elza Jo.

Myself as a Mandrill 04, 2011 © Elza Jo. Courtesy the artist and Cokkie Snoei Amsterdam/Rotterdam.

Manifesto | the first retrospective on NUCLEOManifesto | the first retrospective on NUCLEO

09 April 2014

Manifesto | the first retrospective on NUCLEO

Retrospective, Italian Institute of Culture, Hôtel de Galliffet, Paris, until 6 May.

NUCLEO, a Turin based studio collective founded and directed by Piergiorgio Robino, represents artists, designers and artisans who give projects an artisanal form. The 15 works on show in the Hôtel de Galliffet are of different formats, all realised with various techniques developed during the past five years. They are made in resin, wood and metal, which all have as a common ground a history conceived in its complete form of past, present and future, that is then manipulated and folded in accordance with creation, investigating Mankind through Time. NUCLEO’s research is exp..

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DAMn° à la MilaneseDAMn° à la Milanese

08 April 2014

DAMn° à la Milanese

Bar Basso Party, 10 years of DAMn° magazine, Via Plinio 39, Take-off: 9 April, 10pm.

Earlier this spring we discovered that our friends from Punkt. have a fetish for pigeons... Especially those flying widowhood and carrying messages... DAMN° also has a weakness for the Columbidae family, be it more on a plate in our Food files... Anyway, for the 3rd time running, both parties join forces and invite you for a great time at Bar Basso. From bird worship to quirky cocktails, it will be a multisensory experience that we are pretty sure you won't want to miss.

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Source Material - a project by Jasper Morrison, Jonathan Olivares and Marco VelardiSource Material - a project by Jasper Morrison, Jonathan Olivares and Marco Velardi

07 April 2014

Source Material - a project by Jasper Morrison, Jonathan Olivares and Marco Velardi

upcoming: exhibition of 52 objects during the Salone, in Kaleidoscope Project Space, via Macedonio Melloni 33, Milano, 8-12 April.

The three organizers — designers Jasper Morrison, Jonathan Olivares and creative director Marco Velardi — asked a group of approximately forty creative minds, from the fields of architecture, art, cuisine, design, film and music, to provide a piece of source material of personal value, found within their regular working or living environment. Seen as points of departure — not ends — from which the creative mind orients itself, these references capture some of the raw impetus, pre-work scratchings of the group of people included.

ERWAN BOUROULLEC Sewing machine.

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A Touch of DivinityA Touch of Divinity

07 April 2014 / DAMn°43 by Veerle Devos

A Touch of Divinity

Exhibition Every Colour Is Divine, Salone del Mobile, Milan, 09–11 April.

Two years ago in Milan, Kvadrat impressed many visitors during the Salone with a refreshing exhibition, presenting innovative applications and variations on the Hallingdal 65 - one of the company's most successful and longstanding fabrics - by emerging and established designers from all areas. For this year’s edition of the fair, the Danish textile company has once more invited a varied bunch of highend international designers and curators to explore the various possibilities of yet another of Kvadrat’s upholstery materials, Divina. The whole project is being exhibited d..

DIVINA collection

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MINDCRAFT14 - Danish Craft and Design at Milan Design WeekMINDCRAFT14 - Danish Craft and Design at Milan Design Week

07 April 2014

MINDCRAFT14 - Danish Craft and Design at Milan Design Week

Exhibition, Ventura Lambrate, 6 Via Ventura, Milan, 8-13 April

A fragile bracelet woven of mechanical pencil lead, a delicate dust-collecting stool and a lamp shade that looks like a skirt that is picked up by the wind. 12 Danish craftspeople and designers present their works at the major design event Fuori Salone in Milan, the exhibits include both experiments and near-finished prototypes. This year’s Danish MINDCRAFT exhibition focuses on the artistic process that unfolds in the workshop when craftspeople produce their unique works. 

iLoveLetters — by Katrine Borup

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Maarten Van Severen: Addicted to every possibilityMaarten Van Severen: Addicted to every possibility

07 April 2014

Maarten Van Severen: Addicted to every possibility

Exhibition, Ventura Lambrate, Milan, 8-13 April.

Dutch manufacturer Lensvelt will bring an exposition to Salone del Mobile to launch the first series of furniture of Belgian designer Maarten Van Severen, who died in 2005. The pieces of the collection are shown in a 3D environment designed by OMA Architects. They created a deceiving scenery where photography and graphics alternate, thus giving the visitor the feeling to walk in the former studio of Maarten Van Severen. Last year, Lensvelt has taken over the production of Maarten Van Severen’s own furniture collection.

Paper Airplane ProjectPaper Airplane Project

07 April 2014

Paper Airplane Project

Interactive workshop with 100 children of Lycée Français International d’Anvers, Antwerp, 25-28 April.

The Paper Airplane Project is a workshop that engages children to explore their creativity, collaborate and provide an introduction to process-based art. Indian born artist Baptist Coelho uses the construction of paper airplanes as a communication tool for children to express themselves, while visualizing their dreams and aspirations. In the process, the artist also encourages the children to delve into new ideas about creative play. The Paper Airplane Project was developed from Coelho’s installation entitled, re(wind), 2006*. This site-specific work consisted of paper airplanes, which appear to fly into a room through an open window. This experience culminated in a final performance where children flew their paper airplanes and then attached them on a wall, called the ‘Wall of Dreams’. The Paper Airplane Project became a voice for children’s dreams and the benchmark for ongoing collaborations with 979 children from 46 schools in 8 countries.

The street and food projectThe street and food project

07 April 2014

The street and food project

Public Design Festival, Piazza XXV Aprile, Milan, 8-13 April.

The sixth edition of the Public Design Festival will transform Piazza XXV Aprile into a diverse and eclectic public space, no longer square of transit, but a place where creativity, design projects, food and conviviality live together in perfect harmony. Projects that act as a tool to develop solutions for new street food habits: from mobile units, where food can be cooked and served, to areas of conviviality, prét-à-porter tables, a vegetable garden dedicated to edible wild herbs, multiple and multifunctional chairs. A square that is alive from 11 in the morning until 1 the n..

Public Design Festival, Milan, Salone del Mobile

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Salone Internazionale del MobileSalone Internazionale del Mobile

06 April 2014 / DAMn°43

Salone Internazionale del Mobile

design fair, Milan, Italy 8 – 13 April

The Salone del Mobile is known as the global benchmark for the home furnishing sector, an invaluable tool for the industry as well as an on-going, quite extraordinary promotional vehicle, featuring the very latest and most cutting edge designs, many of which are still at the prototype stage. The Salone made its first appearance in 1961, when it was intended to promote Italian furniture and furnishing accessories on the export market, and it has since continued to do so, ensuring that the quality of Italian furniture is appreciated worldwide.

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Homemaker Series by Eyal Burstein for 1882 LtdHomemaker Series by Eyal Burstein for 1882 Ltd

06 April 2014

Homemaker Series by Eyal Burstein for 1882 Ltd

Exhibition, Vivienne Westwood, Corso Venezia 25, Milan, 8-13th April.

One of Britain’s most innovative and distinctive fashion labels, Vivienne Westwood, has partnered with pottery company 1882 Ltd, in a unique collaboration to launch a brand new interpretation of the Homemaker tableware collection. In keeping with a number of their most recent projects, 1882 Ltd have collaborated with Berlin-based designer Eyal Burstein to realise an interpretation of the Homemaker series called RCA06.

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Designing Futures in Palazzo ClericiDesigning Futures in Palazzo Clerici

05 April 2014

Designing Futures in Palazzo Clerici

debat Z33 in collaboration with DAMnº, during Milan Design Week, Palazzo Clerici, Milan,

A series of penetrating interviews is to be held during Milan Design Week this year, focusing on the meaning of design, not just today but in the future, rethinking the entire subject from A to Z. With topics including the practice of exhibiting design, design mentorship, collaborative learning, design discourse and critique, there is little that will be left out. Such things as the value of a European Design Parliament or a Manifesta for Design are amongst the subjects to be proffered. Certain to generate some lively discussion, DAMN° very much looks forward to your being there. With Konstantin Grcic (tbc), Tobias Revell, Joseph Grima, Aldo Bakker, Rianne Makink (tbc), Johanna Agerman Ross and Walter Bettens (DAMnº). All interviews and debates led by Jan Boelen (Z33).