Albert Moya

Filmmaker for Mutina

June 2016
Mutina celebrates ten years of activity and to mark this anniversary, the Italian ceramic tiles brand has re- written its history through a vast storytelling project, spanning from advertising campaign, a new website, a Mutina Journal and a short movie.
“Everything begins with an interruption” is the title of the short film directed by Spanish filmmaker Albert Moya to celebrate this important anniversary: “I liked the idea of using such an important statement to work on the concept of the film. The HQ building has a lot of personality and we knew from the very beginning that it was going to influence the whole aesthetic of the film, with that elegant yet industrial feeling of the early 70’s.
The key to look at the architecture coexisting with the rest of the elements of the film, was the choice of black & white”.
Mutina premises, in fact, is a building by celebrated architect Mangiarotti, symbolizing the constant research on the product, expanding to every detail and decision taken within the brand. Most recently this includes artistic research. The company is actually taking its first steps in the field of contemporary art with the intention of developing some special projects in collaboration with some of the biggest contemporary artists.