Emmanuel Babled at Palazzo Litta

April 2018
A friend of Palazzo Litta, French designer Emmanuel Babled makes his fourth appearance at our event. In the Marquise Boudoir he presents two of his iconic models: the Quark table and the Digit lamp, the latter in a material and colour made especially for the occasion. The works are a symbolic contrast between heritage and contemporary design, reaffirming Babled Design Studio’s mission: the reinterpretation of crafts.
The Quark Plexiglas Table 4 Elements Round comes in prime materials such as wood and marble, as well as in Plexiglas, bronze and copper, challenging traditional methods of Italian craftsmanship and design. And for the Digit Art Light Regular lamp, 23 spheres of Murano hand-blown glass come together in mirrored sky blue and opaque white (lattimo).