Jan Kath presents the brand new Polonaise at Palazzo Litta

April 2018
Jan Kath presents the brand new Polonaise, alongside his Erased Heritage and Artwork collections at Palazzo Litta. ‘The base for Polonaise is old Persian carpets that were produced for Polish royalty. The traditional Persian designs were joined by European motifs, and the carpets even showed the crests of the rulers. If you look closely you will discover royal crowns, signet rings and lilies. A synthesis of East and the West – and the reason why the works were later erroneously termed Polonaise carpets. About 300 of these extraordinary pieces still exist today.’  
The most beautiful of these inspired the German designer of hand-knotted carpets to create his Polonaise collection. ‘The carpets are very rich and sumptuous – so they really fit into Palazzo Litta. The old building is the perfect surrounding for this kind of carpet. We even did the shooting for our new catalogue in a quite similar building, Schloss Benrath (Benrath Palace) in Germany,’ says Kath. Devoted to the cause, he reconstructed the colours, most of which had faded, added his own motifs, used the antique finishing process, and gave the collection his familiar-yet-different signatures to add new highlights.