Lorenzo Palmeri

Designer for Dornbracht Group

June 2016
Lorenzo Palmeri has a professional profile that mixes design, music, and event art-direction. During the recent edition of Milan Design Week, he presented a concept installation for Dornbracht called Experience-ON. A gesture of sensory fine-tuning led to a poetic interactive dynamic. According to Palmeri, “The idea of Experience-On involves the design of a special totem installation, generating genuine interaction between the user and Dornbracht products. People were immersed in a multi-sensorial experience composed of light, sound, colour, and tactile perception: by inserting their hand in the mouth of the totem, they would experience different water, sound, and colour flows. The project follows the principle of ́forbidden not to touch , a concept coined by Bruno Munari to emphasise and overturn the frustration felt by children during museum visits, where by definition you must maintain a safe distance between the objects - you cannot touch anything. This installation instead seeks the contact, the sharing of a gesture, the direct experience of the product, performance, and philosophy conveyed by the company.”