Sollos at Palazzo Litta

April 2018
Good News From Brasil
A space designed to convey calm and elegance. That’s the concept beyond the installation conceived by Jader Almeida, Sollos’ art director and main designer, for Palazzo Litta.
Good News From Brasil invites full immersion into the Sollos world: displayed on a platform, iconic pieces, new releases and award-winning products catch the eye of the visitor. Unveiling every single detail from numerous perspectives, a clever use of light emphasises shapes, twists, lightness and material combinations. The result is timeless items that mix high-performance industrial processes, the experience of craft skills, and the most authentic of Brazilian touches. The story continues into a second room, a lounge area for interviews and business meetings, where Sollos’ products are displayed expressively, ending up with an unexpected surprise: items come apart to become artworks, poetic jewels interpreting Sollos’ world.