Yamakawa Rattan's furniture collectionn by Omi Tahara

February 2018
When cut, rattan becomes wonderfully malleable in the artisans’ hands, similarly to threads in the hand of a weaver. ‘A modern interpretation of traditional forms, perfectly balanced, elegant, a perfect blend of curved lines with clean, simple straight sections, somewhere between strength and softness, between new textures and refined colour combinations,’ this is the definition given by the designer Omi Tahara of Yamakawa Rattan’s 2017 furniture collection. The sobriety of its Japanese origins is combined with quality rattan from Indonesia, skilfully bent by hand using age-old techniques. Yamakawa presents its new catalogue along with new collections designed by Omi Tahara (Japan). Yamakawa Rattan has met this challenge, starting out as a crafts workshop in Tokyo in the 1950s and growing into an international brand that works with the best rattan in the world, which is grown in the forests of Indonesia. ‘It features the leitmotif of the relationship between hand-woven rattan and the metal core that makes it stable and durable. This relation...is one that can be said about human society as well. I myself survive through life with the support of many people too. The origin of this concept is my appreciation of those who have, and keep on, supporting me.’

DAMN°66 Materials presents products that are the new generation of products. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Matching Thread trend:

"Use design as a way to make a positive impact on the collective environment. Promote collaboration, and establish the use of quality workmanship. Preserve the ties to our origins. Open up towards a contemporary dual soul, where a new language is born from a combined dialogue. An intuitive sense for decoration connects artisans, designers, and companies around the globe."