Slow Design

July 2011

Ventura Lambrate, Milan

In recent years we all witnessed a growing scepticism towards the Salone’s Off events: too much, too noisy, too commercial. In other words: to avoid. Success has its downside. Guessing that lots of flitting flies are attracted to design shit for obvious commercial reasons, last year Margriet Vollenberg and Margo Konings, from Organisation in Design -- the Dutch can be very pragmatic when it comes to name-giving -- decided it was the right moment to launch their own design road show, with the intention of doing things differently -- and better -- than other Milanese quarters, focusing on opening-up space to more experimental and inspiring material. Ventura Lambrate is a good place to witness ‘slow design’: nutritious and inspiring, perhaps with an aftertaste of Dutch mayonnaise, but harmless nonetheless.
Dries Verbruggen from UNFOLD Design Studio with KIOSK, a design sampler project commissioned by Z33 and Thomas Lommée. Photo: Walter Bettens
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