Prouvé Retrouvé

October 2011

A new fangled approach to Jean Prouvé

Sometimes mankind has to go back in order to go forward. At the Design Miami/Basel event this year, it was Jean Prouvé who was the shiniest star. Through the inadvertent forming of a partnership between Vitra and G-Star, 17 items of furniture by this seminal designer have been revamped to reflect a freshly applied approach by the brazen jeans label. And, curiously, there’s not a scrap of denim in sight.
Jean Prouvé (right) © Centre Pompidou, Mnam, Bibliothèque Kandinsky, Fonds Jean Prouvé. And Meeting Prouvé RAW collection, Eckart Maise and Cathérine Prouvé Photo: Bettina Matthiessen. Approval by Eckart Maise with Cathérine Prouvé
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