Hardware store, Porto, Portugal, © Jasper Morrison

Greasing the Wheels

"Support your local hardware store, baker, butcher, grocery..." reads Jasper Morrison's Manifesto

January 2013
True to form, the Jasper Morrison Manifesto spells it out in pure and simple terms. Citing six ways for a better life, he gives us an insight into his streamlined career and the existence that has gone along with that.
His useful tips will certainly improve the way we spend our time here on Planet Earth, however long that may indeed be. With but a half-dozen points on his anecdotal list, he has gathered in a nutshell some words of wisdom regarding the things he reckons make life entirely worth living. It’s probably worth paying attention to.
Six-point manifesto for a better existence.
  • Show useful things greater respect!
  • Devalue useless things by putting them on ebay with very low ‘buy now’ prices. (Everyone should do this at the same time).
  • Support your local hardware store, baker, butcher, grocery, cycle shop, bookshop, second-hand store...
  • Don’t be fooled by short-term fashion items, choose things for life!
  • Buy a set of tools and repair things when possible.
  • Buy or grow, cook, and eat real food and drink well-made wine.
  • Jasper Morrison was born in London in 1959, and received his Master’s degree from the Royal College of Art in 1985. In 1986 he set up Office for Design in London. Today, Jasper Morrison Ltd. consists of three design offices, a main office in London and two branch offices: one in Paris (2002) and one in Tokyo (2007). Services are wide ranging, from furniture to tableware and kitchen products and lighting, electronics and appliance design, designs for public space, and more recently, watches, clocks & shoes. In 2005, he founded Super Normal with Naoto Fukasawa, and the first Super Normal exhibition was held in Tokyo the following year. In 2009 the Jasper Morrison Limited Shop opened in London, and 2011 saw the launch of a webshop.
    Jasper Morrison. Photo: Suki Dhanda
    The Good Life by Jasper Morrison
    Cork shoes by Jasper Morrison, developed together with Spanish shoe manufacturer Camper. Photo: Pedro Sadio & Maria Rita
    MP 01 by Punkt., design by Jasper Morrison.
    UC 01, the usb charger designed by Jasper Morrison for PUNKT.
    Palma cast, iron kitchenware, by Jasper Morrison.
    Basel Chair, by Jasper Morrison for Vitra
    Alpinina (2017) by Jasper Morrison: a bowl specifically designed to make it seem as if it is floating over the surface it is placed on, despite the intrinsic weight of the stone. Photo: Fernando Laszlo