Trailer for Classic Street Art Part 1

Classic Street Art Part 1 & 2

January 2013


Fab 5 Freddy remains a simply joyful-sounding name, and the Brooklyn-born artist was one of those featured in the Art in the Streets exhibition that drew a record-breaking number of visitors to Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in 2011 with its international survey of graffiti and street at The Geffen Contemporary that included Banksy (London), Lee Quiñones (New York), Futura (New York), Margaret Kilgallen (San Francisco), Swoon (New York), Shepard Fairey (Los Angeles), Os Gemeos (São Paulo), and JR (Paris). Applauded and criticised, with a cancelled stay at New York's Brooklyn Museum, last October's launch of MOCAtv saw the LA Museum's new contemporary art video channel release a series of films in Classic Street Art Part 1 & 2 over the festive season. Part 1documents the movement's history in Los Angeles and New York City,  including the Luxuria by artist Craig Stecyk, Graffiti Fever directed by David Em and All City directed by  Henry Chalfant , with the latter two presented with a new introduction for MOCAtv. Moving on to Part 2 and the focus is on 1980s NYC, with From Here to Canarsie by Henry Chalfant, Stations of the Elevated by Manny Kirchheimer, GRAFFITI/POST GRAFFITI & Jean-Michel Basquiat Segments by Marc Miller and Paul Tschinkel,and All City: Take It To the Bridge, a musical short by Charlie Ahearn from 2010. Immersions in time and place. Atomised energy. Reversals and returns. And some notably jewellery, moustaches and sweat pants. Just take a look at the trailers and then see which street you want to navigate.