My Knitted Boyfriend designed by Noortje de Keijzer; art direction by Noortje de Keijzer © Design Academy Eindhoven

My Knitted Boyfriend

January 2013

Noortje de Keijzer
My Knitted Boyfriend is Noortje De Keiyzer's 'pillow with personality. To hug, to cuddle, and to have a laugh with. Because this is a man who is always in a good mood, sitting on your sofa, on your floor, or at your kitchen table. But what he enjoys most is to be in your bed, with your head on his chest and his arms wrapped around you.' 

So that you will never feel alone anymore de Keijzer made two Knitted Boyfriends: white Arthur and dark Steve. With their knitted accessories you can dress them to suit your own tastes. Will you give him glasses, a moustache, a tattoo? Originally featured in the '50' exhibition at the Salone del Mobile under the curatorship of Ilse Crawford, the cuddly men were part of the Graduate Show 2012 at the Design Academy Eindhoven. In an interview given to Options! contemporary design store in Amsterdam, de Keijzer talks about the project's desire to smile in the face of loneliness and explains how Dutch fashion and accessories designer Sarena Huizinga was able to make a programme on her industrial knitting machine that made both boys seamless.

de Keijzer's mother & grandmother knitted the first prototype boyfriend; image © Design Academy Eindhoven