Photographs of samples of Amphistgina guraboensis, Department of Geology, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, 2013 Courtesy of: Irene Kopelman

Chiral Garden, devoted to Argentinian artist Irene Kopelman

exhibition in La Verrière, Brussels (Belgium), until 14 december.

November 2013
Adopting the practice of early 20th-century naturalists and biologists, Irene Kopelman’s work centreson chirality (from the Greek chire, meaning hand), indicating motifs which are ‘mirror’ images of one another: hands, certain types of cell, plants, seashells, even mathematical concepts. For La Verrière, Kopelman has created Chiral Garden, a curious botanic garden composed solely of chiral
objects: plants, fossils, stones, and her own drawings. The piece is an exercise in organisation, classification and repetition, reminiscent of the work of Sol LeWitt or Hanne Darboven. Intangible links – especially a number of ready-mades – connect the installation to the presiding genius of this latest season at La Verrière: Marcel Duchamp.