Since 2007, Punkt.’s Norwegian-born founder has been bent on making “consumer electronics with added value”. But don’t get him wrong, Petter Neby isn’t looking for a maximum number of features to add to existing products; instead, he is working on radical solutions for everyday life. Punkt. products follow a clear strategy in which design plays a major role.
DP01 by Jasper Morrison for Punkt; a perfect example of the company´s design philosophy, focusing entirely on simplicity and function.
By chance, Neby met Jasper Morrison during the Salone del Mobile in 2000, and became impressed by Morrison’s design approach.When Punkt. started setting things up in 2007, it was therefore obvious that Neby would be contacting Jasper Morrison. Together they developed AC01, an electronic alarm clock that possesses the great design values of Braun’s alarm clocks. After its successful presentation, Morrison became the company’s art director, thus guaranteeing the high quality of design on a continual basis, which for Peter Neby is more of a must than simply a plus. Neby and Punkt. have since developed the DP01, an easy-to-handle digital phone with a cradle that can be fixed to the wall. Their latest strike is the ES01, an extension socket with useful technical tricks hidden under an elegant yet hard-to-destroy cover. Optimising this clever product took Columbian designer Georges Moanack and Punkt. more than 18 months. The Punkt. team is optimistic that the market will treasure it. As for 2014, Peter Neby has promised the launch of other new products, but is keeping these secret. “They won’t be big, and they won’t even be a system.”
With that, he departed for Florence, where the farming enthusiast, together with family and friends, harvested his own olive grove and, for the first time, produced homemade olive oil.
Jasper Morrison.
Punkt, Clock Combo.
Red Shuko.
Petter Neby