Koki Tanaka Artist of the Year 2015

February 2015

Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Berlin, Germany.

Deutsche Bank honours Koki Tanaka as Artist of the Year 2015. It has been said that Tanaka forces us to see everyday things with new eyes. He represents a new generation of artists who connect their aesthetic concerns to social issues. Koki Tanaka, born 1975 in Tochigi, Japan, lives and works in Los Angeles. He represented Japan at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013. “Koki Tanaka is a savvy mobiliser of collective actions. He encourages sharing among participants to produce a common sense of cooperation and creativity. His work represents an inventive approach toward exploring the question of community building”, explains Hou Hanru, artistic director of the MAXXI in Rome.
Koki Tanaka
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