From left to right: Fabio Mauri, Lucio Amelio, Gabriella Lonardi, Joseph Beuys, and Pasquale Trisorio at Elisabetta Catalano’s studio, Rome / Photo: Elisabetta Catalano

Godfathering Political Art

Mauri and Pasolini to the rescue

May 2015
Fabio Mauri emerged as an artist in the late-1950s, developing the ideas for his work in the context of television and cinema, with the projected image and the screen becoming central motifs that defined his oeuvre. Connecting themes and ideas of the past to the present, his work injects within itself a notion of ethical responsibility that causes the spectator to critically examine his experience of ‘the real’. As a close friend of Pasolini’s since childhood, the two were highly active in Italy’s avant-garde. The Venice Biennale is now paying them the honour they deserve.