Fabien Cappello has created a collection of table and desk lamps, titled Bright Rays, in forms evoking skyscrapers and other types of architecture. The 32-year-old French designer describes it as “an ode to energy that produces a luminous source.” Made from glass and perforated steel, the collection expresses ideas about structures and light. “The project started with the desire to make lamps that talk about light itself and to create the same rays,” says Cappello, who studied at ECAL in Lausanne and on the Royal College of Art's Design Products course in London where he was tutored by Martino Gamper.

Each piece is unique and assembles diverse materials to create a play on transparency, reflections and colours. Turquoise and magenta, grey and fuchsia, red and blue, and turquoise blue and yellow are among the snazzy colour combinations. 

Bright Rays, Fabien Cappello
“The shapes refer to architectural or industrial environments and buildings like skyscrapers,” he explains. “I wanted to create a specific character to each lamp so that the collection works together collectively, each piece having different heights.”

Cappello began by sketching his ideas in a sketchbook and positions his work at the crossroads between artisanal and industrial production. The collection was unveiled at Galerie Torri's stand during the PAD art and design fair in Paris in late March.