Maarten Baas, image by Schlingemann

Maarten Baas' Clay Series at Design Derby

Design Derby, Design Museum, Gent, Belgium, until 13 March 2016.

DAMN° Magazine November 2015
Dutch designer Maarten Baas's Clay Series is part of the Design Derby exhibition in the Design Museum in Gent (Belgium). The furniture is made of synthetic clay, with a metal 'skeleton' inside to reinforce the structure. The designer, who has been searching for the boundaries of design since his graduation from the Design Academy in 2002, enjoys very much working with synthetic clay, an industrial material based on epoxy resin. "It squeezes like clay, but it’s a different process. There’s no oven involved and the end-result is much stronger than normal clay." All pieces are modelled by hand and no moulds are used in the production, making each piece unique. The eight standard colours of the Clay Series are black, white, brown, red, yellow, blue, orange and green. The Clay Series is available through Den Herder Production House.

Black Clay lamp and Smoke Chandelier by Maarten Baas, on display in the Design Museum Gent during the 'Design Derby' (also in this picture: Vivien by Marie Mees & Cathérine Biasino, Sunny Forest by Tord Boontje, Black Gold by Ineke Hans, Carbon Chair by Bertjan Pot and Graphite Diamond by Lachaert & D’Hanis) Image by Phile Deprez.
Maarten Baas Clay Series table, console and chair on display at the Design Museum during the 'Design Derby' (also in this picture: Daily Delicious by Gesine Hackenberg, Nymphenburg Sketches by Hella Jongerius, Room service by Manon van Kouswijk, Intestigo Carafe by Marre Moerel and A Cup of Sugar by Maison Caro). Image by Phile Deprez.

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