Moritz Waldemeyer: Kayoubi

on view at the Touching Tales exhibition made by Alcantara & DAMnº, at imm cologne 18-26 January 2016

DAMN° Magazine December 2015
After visiting the Alcantara production plant in Italy, London-based German engineer and designer Moritz Waldemeyer decided to apply an extra layer of film to the material for his Touching Tales installation at imm cologne.

Moritz Waldemeyer: As an industrial geek, it was great for me to see the many complex steps that lead to the end product. During the factory visit, we were amazed to learn how a very industrial environment produces such a smooth material.
In the Alcantara factory, they showed us a lot of samples – one of these was black on one side with a metallic film on the other, which I found particularly interesting. This contrast inspired me to develop a gold film that in conjunction with light acquires a reflective effect, transforming the material into something rich and precious. With this, we created an installation made entirely of lampshades [called 'Kayoubi'–Ed.]. The installation is surrounded by a screen, because I wanted to make my own, dark, private space at the imm fair. It’s all about creating a mood and an environment. Research is a very important part of our work, as is engineering, but of course these shouldn’t be in the forefront. The first approach should be emotional, as in: ‘this is charming’. The result of our engineering is a natural-looking light that uses digital technology.
I already knew Alcantara® because I’m a car-lover [it is used for car seats, dash trims, etc., and also as a flame retardant covering for the driver’s seat of Formula One cars –Ed.], but I had never worked with it. So this was a great opportunity. It is a material with a very long life expectancy, which is good for the environment: if you have something you can embrace, you automatically take more care of it; it’s precious.

images by Manfred Wegener, installation view

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