Il Quarto Stato at Kunsthalle Brixiae in Brescia, Italy is featuring a themed exhibition connected with the forms of work at large. It is characterised by the presence of three artists who are investigating the interstices between production and product, labour and commodity, industrial manufacturing and new technologies. Work as a framework for life, is the fulcrum of invited artist Yuri Ancarani, who is regularly present at the Venice Biennale and was recently selected for a MAXXI Prize. Here he presents his trilogy of short films, each focusing on a highly specialised form of labour. The title refers to a syndrome similar to cabin fever, an ailment that sailors experience after being out at sea for great lengths of time. The first film in the series, Il Capo (2010), is a beautiful portrayal of a Carrara marble quarry, with a magnanimous foreman directing his crew in the way of an orchestra conductor. Piattaforma Luna (2011) takes place inside the rarely seen daily routine of scuba divers on board a submarine stationed deep below the surface of the ocean. Da Vinci (2012) features a surgical robot whose mechanical arms perform an operation, exquisitely capturing the procedure from inside and outside. Together, the three films explore the interdependent relationship between man and machine, and the beautiful choreography of labour.