Both in public and domestic spaces, we are witnessing an evolution in interior textiles. Materials, production processes, patterns, textures,… these are all elements of a system opening up in parallel with the usual imperialism that continues to see production in abnormal, immeasurable numbers. What we need most is to mind what we do — to think about what we buy and WHY. We expect loyalty from production. But we need a more holistic approach, an extended awareness that is perhaps nourished by our spiritual paths.
We no longer want to be burdened with things we do not need. The role of the decorator has been rendered invalid because the dialogue with the space must be personal, internal, human. It is incredible to see companies offering things that possess a greater beauty and an inner sense. The message is: Do not produce too much but produce consciously and be aware of the destination. This way, there is a sustainable path and products do not go round the world twice before completing the cycle. Things and raw materials should be checked, meditated upon, protected. There are companies like Kvadrat with large volumes and industrialised processes, where the logistics remain reasonable.
I don’t believe in the expensive and fancy, but in the costly and sustainable. The concept of luxury has been transformed into awareness: knowing how to access higher values, ponder the function of time, trace the course of objects, and make sense of design, because everything is linked to the user. The production cycle must be circular, connected. There are wonderful professionals who work in teams — designers, companies, people, and resources with a common purpose.
The concept of the master craftsmanship should be allowed to seep into the industry. When craft meets an evolved industrial system, it leads to the next level, to an integration of values, an osmosis. This eagerness to buy limited edition items, unique pieces, is a bubble. What makes an object really exclusive is the use each of us makes of it. My thinking is that the story needs to be based on the objective of quality and process, a project developed with sustainable values.