AURÉLIE HOEGY wins Pure Talents contest 2016

January 2016
Member of the jury Harry van Ierssel presents French artist and designer Aurélie Hoegy, who won the ‘Pure Talents contest 2016' at imm with her series of 5 chairs called ‘Dancers’.
Hoegy graduated in 2013 from the Eindhoven Design Academy with a project exploring the border between normality and abnormality in daily life. 'Dancers' continues on this path. According to Hoegy, “if design is normative, it could also help to unfold our deepest desires".
Her approach is visually oriented - she uses videos and drawings, and mentions the work of Hitchcock, Lynch, Tarkovsky and Tati as a strong inspiration.
video by Bram Van Oost - picture by Veerle Devos