MY FEET by Erik Kessels

North Brigade Skatepark, Scheibenstraße 13A, 50737, Köln, Duitsland

February 2016
Dutch artist Erik Kessels collected 2.500 'feet selfies' from across the internet, first showed them in the installation/exhibition 'My Feet' at the f-stop photo-festival in Leipzig in 2014, and used them now in a skate park in Cologne.
"The pictures are often made out of boredom. These are very personal images, even though you have no idea who's the person behind the feet. They tell a lot about the place and situation they're in though", says Kessels, who often uses found photography in his work.
Kessels encourages users of the skate ramp to interact with the images by skating/walking on the object and by taking their own 'feet selfies': "In the sixties Andy Warhol said: In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. This is the new anonymous Walk of Fame."