Touch Me is OK, by Mattia Biagi


DAMN° Magazine February 2016

Touch Me is OK is a work by Mattia Biagi produced in conjunction with Linvisibile at Palazzo Litta. It springs from a desire to create a sculpture that can finally be touched. The absolute rule of ‘don’t touch the works of art’ has been overturned in favour of the obligation to use, handle, and feel the pieces, both in a physical and emotional sense. The idea stems from the creation of bronze-coloured tiles in two different textures (called You and Me), which have been used to realise a modular and interactive sculpture. Mattia Biagi (b.1974, Italy) lives and works in Los Angeles. Having studied at the Institute Paci - Art and Design, he came into art after an intensive 10-year experience as a creative designer for exclusive brands such as Cappellini and Minotti, among others.

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