Blur - by Tom Dixon for ege, Industrial Landscape. "The distorted city reflections in transient bits of water."

Tom Dixon about Industrial Landscape

Interview on the occasion of the lauch of ege's brand new carpet collection, in Tom Dixon's restaurant The Dock Kitchen in London.

DAMN° Magazine April 2016
British designer Tom Dixon just launched an extensive carpet collection called 'Industrial Landscape' with ege, which is one of Europe's leading companies in regards to design, development and production of unique, high-quality carpets with respect for the environment. London was Dixon's source of inspiration - "perhaps not the prettiest, nor the most glamorous, but certainly one of the most characterful cities in the world". The collection interprets the gritty backdrops of railways, tunnels, factories, workshops and warehouses.  Tom Dixon explains: "We have created a deconstructed brick pattern, a pattern inspired by the railway lines of London and one that refers to the Thames and the grey muddy water of the river. We also have a pattern that has more to do with down market aesthetics in the form of crazy paving. So, the collection is a series of patterns and textures that come naturally from the building process or the erosion process." The collection features seven designs available as carpet tiles and broadloom creating different expressions within each design theme. Tiles and broadloom can be mixed or combined with other ege collections to get a truly unique flooring solution for one room or projects with several spaces.
Wash, by Tom Dixon for ege, Industrial Landscape. "The constant evolution and regeneration of people, places and ideas."
Tom Dixon is also collaborating with quartz manufacturer Caesarstone on a multi-sensory creation. 'The RESTAURANT by Caesarstone & Tom Dixon' consists of four conceptual kitchens inspired by the elements – Earth, Fire, Water and Air - and will be launched during Milan Design Week 12-17 April 2016.

interview by Siegrid Demyttenaere, camera Bessaam El-Asmar
'Brick' - "The London brick is the symbol and defining material of the cityscape." || 'Smoke' - The industrial history, production and manufacture of a coal-powered city." By Tom Dixon for ege, Industrial Landscape.

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