ECAL students

ECAL x Punkt.

April 2016
Punkt. presents its recent collaborative project with students from ECAL, the leading Swiss university for art and design in Lausanne. The semester-long programme kicked-off at the beginning of the academic year and saw 15 students from the 2nd-year Master’s programme in product design working on creating prototypes for Punkt. The ECAL design programme is part of the company’s commitment to combining education and industry, creating opportunities for talent and creativity in order to bring mindful technology products to the global marketplace. In January 2016, members of the Punkt. team went to ECAL with John Tree from the Jasper Morrison design ofifce, for an initial presentation of the work. The brief was to propose product designs that expressed the brand’s view on taming technology to create marketable products de ned by simplicity of design and function. Ultimately, something a Punkt. customer would like to buy. The results laid out by Professor Augustin Scott de Martinville and the students at the school immediately reflected this, with ideas ranging from weather stations to wall printers, and from torches to televisions. To showcase the results, Punkt. has selected eight designs from the project.