A landscape created by Euroambiente for Portello in Milan

EUROAMBIENTE: Building landscape

DAMN° Magazine April 2016

For Francis Kéré’s project, Euroambiente relied on one of the last artisans in Italy processing the erba palustre: a wild plant that grows spontaneously alongside Italian rivers. This material is commonly used for furniture (such as for woven seats), but thanks to the company’s collaboration with the architect, it has taken on a whole new shape: playful bundles of the plant cover Palazzo Litta’s courtyard, creating an abstract elaboration of an African landscape.

Euroambiente is a branch of the Zelari Group, which consists of diverse companies that offer a wide range of products and services for plant nurseries, landscapes, building, safety, and territorial control. The group represents a benchmark for industry professionals and for public and private clients, especially in regard to the design and construction of major landscape works. Each of the companies works to the highest standards in technology and expertise in the fields of maintenance and management of green areas and real estate.

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