DAMNº interview with Michele De Lucchi at Palazzo Litta

Veerle Devos April 2016
Michele De Lucchi, Andrea Branzi, and Francesca Balena Arista show CAOS in Palazzo Litta: the result of a project with their students from the Design department at the Politecnico di Milano. The students have been invited to think about the living spaces of people today, where habitats tend only to be partially organised according to traditional domestic functions; instead, they’re places of unexpected, changeable situations and activities. Realised by the students, the 14 models on display are made at a scale of 1:10.

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Veerle Devos

Veerle Devos (aka VOS) is a historian who has been active in journalism for many years, working with DAMNº since 2005. She's co-founder of the Office for Urban Reporting, a research centre and production house that investigates and communicates about 21st-century urbanisation. In her free time she’s preparing a personal travel guide for Portugal.

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