Scottish artist Lucy McKenzie is known for blurring the boundaries between art, design, architecture and fashion through her interdisciplinary collaborations. This double exhibition at Galerie Meyer Kainer brings together two of her collaborative projects. The first was realised with the artist Laurent Dupont (who, like McKenzie, is based in Brussels) and the second was made with the designer Beca Lipscombe, with whom McKenzie founded Atelier E.B (Edinburgh Bruxelles) fashion label. By collapsing the intersections between disciplines, McKenzie expresses her view that art is intricately, inseparably, part of life.

The first part of the exhibition, 'Cukrovarnická 39, Prag', is named after the address of SVIT gallery in Prague where McKenzie and Dupont's works were made and shown last year. The gallery was in a suburban villa, for which the two artists made a series of ornamental features and painted vernacular objects and mdf structures. The result was a re-imagining of domestic space that has now been reinstalled in a different gallery setting in Vienna. Think trompe l’oeil fireplaces, painted to appear as if they are made of marble, with a bright array of ornamental objects adorning the mantlepiece. Or a staircase with a vase on the bannister, or a display stand or room divider decorated with sculptures. McKenzie and Dupont have appropriated the realm of domestic furnishings while playing with the intersections of various art forms. Dupont began his series of Objects in 2012, buying ornaments and household items from flea markets and second-hand shops, then altering them and exhibiting them. McKenzie, who studied decorative painting in Brussels, painted the marble-evoking structures in the exhibition on which Dupont's objects are placed.

The second part of the exhibition is Atelier E.B's 'The Inventors of Tradition II Collection'. This pushes the art and fashion dialogue to an obvious, but rarely sought-after conclusion: the creation of a pop-up shop selling Atelier E.B's third collection, IOTII. The sportswear-inspired collection includes knitted cashmeres referencing Scottish heritage and handmade Belgian lingerie, thereby drawing ideas from the cultures of both Scotland and Belgium, as well as tracksuits, jumpers, skirts and coats. The duo have also made a paravent and montages of collages reminiscent of a designer's mood board.

The highly imaginative exhibition reveals McKenzie (born in Glasgow in 1977) to be adept at merging disciplines to create a rich artistic universe with her collaborators.

Photo's by Tina Herzl, Courtesy Galerie Meyer Kainer ("Montage" are works by Atelier E.B)