June 2016
This 16 June, the BMW Group kicked off its 100th anniversary with great splendour. At the Camden Roundhouse in old London - MINI city by excellence - all the group’s greats gave presence to celebrate the car’s visionary next century perspectives. Over the last decade, the BMW Group has been playing a crucial part in co-shaping the mobility of the future. BMW, MINI, Rolls Royce, … they were all there. And we always appreciated their approach of transparency and sharing. So here it is for the next MINI…
Me, myself and my MINI… With the motto “Every MINI is my MINI” – the idea of sharing rather than owning – the MINI of the future no longer waits all day for its owner, but is always on the move as a mobility partner for a MINI community. Sharing is a key word. The MINI VISION NEXT 100 harnesses its intelligence to tailor the mobility experience to the differing needs of each and every customer. DriveNow and just pass a MINI in the street: it will call your name, wag its tail, and jump for joy, as if it were the horse of Zorro.
The MINI has always been a small and agile horsepower house, the city its natural stamping ground. Just ask sir Alec Issigonis. And its focus on driving fun remains as strong as ever in the MINI VISION NEXT 100. On the move drivers can decide how much power they’d like – anything up to the John Cooper Works end of the spectrum is possible.
Sharing goods will be more important for many people. Also so for MINI. Cleverly shared mobility is effortless and opens up new avenues to explore exciting experiences. The MINI VISION NEXT 100 acts as the gateway to the MINI Community. And as for the daily routine, as Christopher Weil - Head of Exterior Design - shared the MINI vision: driving now is about the ‘sheer pleasure’ behind the wheel, without the less exciting realities inherent of car driving, such as parking trouble, gas station and carwash visits, or just paying your bills… MINI takes care of it.
More news to come.
"The MINI of the future embodies a totally new form of shared mobility – sustainable, emotional and inspirational. The driving experience forms the centrepiece and is surrounded by other intelligent services." Anders Warming, Head of MINI Design