Haegue Yang: Lingering Nous

Centre Pompidou, Paris, until 5 September 2016.

July 2016

South Korean artist Haegue Yang has made a duo-chromatic installation using Venetian blinds for the forum of the Centre Pompidou this summer. Titled 'Lingering Nous', it is composed of amethyst and jade-coloured blinds, which are suspended from the ceiling and lit by LED chandeliers. Some of the blinds are opened from one side only, giving the impression of a wingspan, as if they are almost fluttering in the space. Deployed over three floors and reaching the lower level, Lingering Nous creates an ethereal ambience through its uniquely imaginative use of a vernacular, household object.

Born in Seoul and now based in Berlin and Seoul, Yang, 44, has been using blinds as a component in her work for a decade. At Unlimited during Art Basel in June, her white, monochromatic installation, Sol LeWitt Upside Down – Structure with Three Towers, Expanded 23 Times, Split in Three (2015), comprised more than 500 elements made of Venetian blinds that form an interpretation of one of LeWitt's works from 1986. Positioned on the floor, it has the feel of a freestanding structure. It differs from her earlier piece, Accommodating the Epic Dispersion—On Non-cathartic Volume of Dispersion (2012), a brightly coloured, suspended installation with a rhythmic presence that was exhibited at Unlimited in 2014.

Everyday objects feature strongly in Yang's work. For a number of years, she made paper collages using envelope security patterns – a reference to the role of travel and correspondence in her daily life. In her sculptures, she uses diverse materials with surprising results, such as draping clothing racks with light bulbs, cables, ties, bicycle bells and necklaces.

There's a sense of philosophical reflection in Yang's evolving oeuvre, as well as a penchant for exploring potentialities of colour. Lingering Nous, with its jewel-like tonalities and physical volume, is her first institutional exhibition in Paris and follows on from her solo show in Strasbourg three years ago.