Dutch Design company Lensvelt asked the young architects at Space Encounters to design an office that is “as boring as possible”, because: "Furniture should be neutral. It should not make a statement. It should help you concentrate on work!” The Boring Collection Set #1 consists of a desk, a chair, a dustbin, and other equipment, all in the same colour.

And now you have a chance to WIN this boring set of furnishings. DAMNº and Lensvelt are giving away three Boring Collections Set #1, worth €955 each. The only thing you have to do is to read the article about the Boring Collection on the DAMNº website and then answer three questions and one tiebreaker (fill in the form below). Good luck!

These are the questions: 1) The Boring Collection comes in one colour, what is that colour? 2) At which event was the Boring Collection launched? 3) "An office should be as …….. as possible”, according to Lensvelt. Pssst, you'll find the answers here. Tiebreaker: How many screws are keeping the Boring Collection Set #1 together? Fill in your answers in the form here below.

Image by Stan Koolen