DAMnº magazine offers a survey of the most exciting and promising projects among the 20 nominees, encountered at Pure Talents Contest at imm in Cologne.

The Colour of Hair is a collaborative project by Martijn Rigters and Fabio Hendry, who met and studied together at the Design Products program at the Royal College of Art in London. The tables display their innovative process of transforming abundant human hair into a sustainable and resistant ink. By carbonising the keratin from the hair into hardened aluminum, the duo has developed multiple unique patterns forge of artefacts as well as applied their printing wonders to floor and wall tiles.

The colour-of hair by Martij Rigters and Fabio Hendry
Designed by Alberto Bellamoli, Collecta is a range of objects and furniture pieces, which offer a new perspective on the traditional Italian material Terrazzo. The collection is composed of two coffee tables, four bowls, and four candle holders.

Paresse by the young French designer Guillaume Morillon is a daybed celebrating lazy pleasure experienced at the beach. While sitting or laying, Paresse offers both a change of scenery and the comfort of an interior furniture. Combining specific materials and technics, the aesthetic of the daybed refers to beach furniture, sails, ropes, meshes or plastic inflatables encountered on the seaside resorts.

Paresse by Guillaume Morillon
Perfume leaks at hourly intervals onto the copper face of the unconventional clock, named Es Liegt was in Der Luft – or There Is Something in the Air, by German designer Patrick Palcic. The olfactory clock allows the user to experience the passage of time in a different way – by inhaling. 12 small holes are perforated around the perimeter of the copper plate. Each hour is assigned a different fragrance, which is hidden in the mechanism behind the clock face. The plate turns slowly so that its perforations hit 12 o'clock at hourly intervals and a drop of essence is released. The perfume trickles down the copper face, which is heated up to cause the scent to evaporate. It also it oxidizes the metal, leaving lighter markings on the surface.

Pico Balla by German designer Enzo Zak Lux is a sculpture and a display unit for special items. The back wall consists of 8 colour fields, on which surfaces of different heights are aligned with one another. Three identical wall objects have been produced to appear strikingly different simply by being rotated by 90 degrees. Viewing the superimposed surfaces from different angles results in a fascinating game of constantly evolving compositions of color and space.

Es Liegt was der Luft by Patrick-Palcic
Pico Balla by Zak Lux
Young Swiss designer Jona Messerli presented SOL – a Japanese-inspired lamp, which "allows the sun to continue shining indoors". The table lamp, which is sculptural in nature, is flat-packed and can be assembled quickly. Thanks to a unique cutting pattern, two layers of tear-resistant “MADOCA” shoji paper are stretched and mounted around the illuminant creating magical lighting.

SOL by Jona Messerli