Think of a virtual waterfall cascading down a wall, a simulation of waves ebbing and flowing, and projected flowers blooming on your body. These are some of the experienced-based digital artworks that teamLab [sic] is presenting in its exhibition at Pace London.

Founded in Tokyo in 2001 by Toshiyuki Inoko, the Japanese collective is known for pushing and conflating the boundaries between art, science and technology. The London show in Pace follows on from teamLab's participation in the inaugural group exhibition of Pace Art + Technology in Menlo Park, California, which ended in December.

A trilogy of three-dimensional virtual spaces immerse the visitor in a highly experimental, digital world of beauty and wonder that draws inspiration from nature. Unveiled for the first time is 'Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries' (2017) – a virtual waterfall flowing from the ceiling and splashing onto the floor. It marries innovation with the non-perspectival depiction of space in ukiyo-e (pictures of the floating world), the period in Japanese art from 1670-1900.

In the second room is 'Dark Waves' (2016), a simulation of waves based on the movement of innumerable water particles. In the last room is the second new piece, 'Flowers Bloom on People' (2017). The darkened space becomes enlivened with the presence of visitors, who activate the projection of video images of flowers. The visitors and the enveloping space become a canvas for the projections. The flowers are in constant motion – growing, blooming, decaying and scattering – in response to the movements of the visitors. On the walls are several digital paintings that also change constantly.

2017 looks set to be an incredibly busy year for teamLab. The collective has numerous shows planned, from Art Dubai to Fukushima and Kanagawa in Japan and Houston, Texas. Indeed, teamLab is on a roll, having installed permanent displays at the National Museum of Singapore and at the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, the US. Their exploration of digital art is certainly intensifying on an international scale.

Dark Wakes, teamLab, Transcending Boundaries