For many years, little Belgium has proved to be a fertile ground for creators in art and design, and the city of Ghent along with BAD is hosting an unconventional trade fair that will propel visitors into a total experience. BAD , or ‘Belgium Art & Design’, aims at merging Belgium’s finest art and design talents from 16 to 19 February.

Amid the artists at BAD we find photographer Carmen De Vos, art platform ARTURE, glass artist Jan Leenknegt, several art schools, and last but not least: the guest of honour, artist Frederik Van Simaey.

Recto Verso, Van Den Weghe
In the field of design, BAD shines the spotlight on makers: designers who do not just design but also make their pieces, or are closely involved in the process. Among them we find the marvelous young talents of ‘vormen’ (read more about their work in DAMNº!) Also present and inspiring are : Atelier NAUWAU, Kontour Design, the young Ghent based collective Kunst- en vliegwerk, jewelry designer Elisa Lee, textile design label FIL & BAUKIS, handbag label Paarl, furniture & product design label Interror, and of course BAD Design guest of honour Frederik Delbart.

BAD’s crossover platform ‘Where art meets design’ explores the intersection between visual arts, design and architecture. Belgium is blessed with several world-class galleries and labels that focus on this genre. At BAD, they present their selection of works. Taking part are: Maniera, Valerie_traan, Labt, Van Den Weghe, Bram Van Breda, Ben Storms.

Abstract composition of wooden and glass elements, Atelier Nauwau
BAD manager Harry Vanhoyweghen concludes: “BAD is a true platform where young makers show their work to the general public. Through the fair, we want to connect art and designlovers, collectors, makers and producers. We hope these connections will result in inspiring talks and – who knows – fruitful collaborations. Besides this BAD intends to be active all year round and to take root as a quality label representing homegrown makers abroad too.”

For those eager to know more: read the BAD newspaper!

Frederik Delbart, Tribute. Copyright Julien Hayard

It's here: ICC – Van Rysselberghedreef 1, Citadelpark, Gent, Belgium,